Saturday, May 25, 2013

Spelling Box

All About Spelling comes with a whole lot of cards used in a very similar fashion as our lovely Memory Box. The problem is that there are too many cards, even for one level, to have in a normal index card box. Or at least the kind I had no hand. AAS sells a nifty box that's suppose to be just the right size for the cards, but overseas shipping for a cardboard box is kinda silly, not to mention pricey. So, I made my own.

I worked with the dimensions mentioned on the AAS website for the nifty boxes that go with the cards, & picked up a piece of corrugated plastic from the local warehouse hardware style store. We use to have excess of the stuff on hand, but it appears we've since used it up. It took me longer to sort out the cards which were a bit of a mess then it did to actually make the box & lid.

I cut out the corners where the box folds because it was adding too much bulk inside the box & the dividers weren't fitting as flatly as they should have. It wasn't a big deal to remove them because I was only using packing tape to hold the corners closed. I made a lid to go on top too because honestly I don't want to worry about dusting the inside of the box or the kids spilling them either.

The box isn't big enough for all 7 levels of cards, but if the dimensions on the website are correct then I don't think the box they sell would be either. It said the box was 8 inches long, mine came out 8.5 inches long by the time all was said & done. I can barely fit in 3 levels of cards. In fact, I think some of the level 3 green cards are still in their ziplock bag. I'm not fussed by it, once cards are mastered they can come out to make room for new ones anyway. I might make another box to store the mastered cards in so that we can keep moving in the new cards as we go along. I'm curious how many cards one can store in the box AAS sells though...

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Kylie said...

Great idea. Storing all of those cards can become a problem. I have them in different index boxes at the moment :-)