Saturday, May 4, 2013

Settlers Of Catan Cake

After we decided to throw Mr S a Settlers of Catan birthday, as in you know have family over & play the game. We decided to make a cake to match. The boys were full of grand ideas, but I told them I'd found a really simple idea & they could do the decorating. They weren't convinced my idea was going to be very good, but we went & got the supplies anyway.

I slapped icing on the cake & they divided up the decorations to put on as needed. Then they arranged the whole thing on a huge chunk of cardboard with a plastic table cloth upon it. I'm not sure what they had more fun with. Watching me buy the candy or decorating the cupcakes. Ha!  Anyway, if you want specific instructions you can find them here. We used our normal chocolate cake recipe which was sugar-free, but the icing was made the old fashioned way. I figured if the decorations were going to be sugary it wouldn't really matter in regards to the icing. I wasn't too fussed about it considering cupcakes tend to go quicker then cake. Which is exactly what happened! As a side note, if you choose to use that chocolate cake recipe you will need 1.5 recipes worth of batter to get the right amount of cupcakes. Or at least we did. We also didn't use Honey Smacks, while I know what they are & have even eaten them before I've never seen them here. The boys used cocoa pops instead which I could pick up in a nice small travel size bowl & not have to worry about the whole box of cereal hanging around.

While Morgan had picked out Seafarers as a present for Mr S, I'd sent away for Traders & Barbarians. If you're looking for an expansion pack for your Settlers of Catan game I have to say the later is really a fantastic deal. It has more then 5 different expansions within & rules for 2 player games. We've had 2 player rules for a while so we can play with fewer people if we want, but anyway.. It didn't make it in time for his party, so we had a Settlers of Catan afternoon last weekend too. Morgan was still feeling slightly miserable then so it was a nice pick-me-up for him. He loves playing board games & he especially loves this one!

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