Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More Australian History Resources

Check out this amazing timeline! I'm still piecing the kids Australian History together bit by bit as we travel through the varying time periods & stopping as we hit major events to read a bit more about them. Our progress isn't very fast, in fact we're still on the tail-end of the plans I shared towards the end of Term 1, but we're enjoying ourselves as we move through time.

While double checking dates a few weeks ago I stumbled upon this lovely timeline by Faber Castell. It's absolutely amazing! The picture above only shows one-third of the whole timeline. Turns out Faber Castell is giving this 3-page poster timeline away free to schools, all you have to do is write & request it.  Which is exactly what I did!

Not only were they keen to send me one, but they asked how many I needed. I requested 2, one for our school & one for a friends. There was paperwork enclosed with it that stated you could also purchase the 3 poster set for $10 if you're not a school.

The boys were delighted to unroll these posters & check out the various things we'd all ready covered. All though we had a huge laugh when Jayden spotted the plate left by Dirk Hartog. "What? This is what the left behind? No wonder they took it away. It's tiny enough to be a button!" Oh my goodness, we laughed for ages about that one.

I will say that the posters are thin & had I thought about it I might have taken them down to the office shop & had them laminated "just in case". However, they are very lovely & I love seeing them hanging on our school room wall. The kids enjoy stopping by it & spotting where things are falling in place & looking forward to what they'll be learning about.

Morgan spotted Freeman celebrating at the Sydney Olympics & said, "Mom?! The Olympics were in Sydney! Why on earth didn't we go? Did we go? I don't remember going!" "Sorry, no. We weren't in Australia at the time, but we certainly did enjoy dreaming of being there!"

Interestingly enough the poster set is pretty identical to the book we purchased recently entitled Australian Story An Illustrated Timeline. Our book shop ordered it for us & it cost $20.  There are lots more pictures in the lovely book then there are on the timeline & a few extra quips written around those photos too, but other then that the information is pretty much the same. I think they do a lovely job of complimenting each other!

You can check out the book via the State Library system if you're interested! I don't know that the local book shop has any copies on the shelf, I simply asked them about the book & they looked it up & told me how much it would cost before they ordered it for me. Easy Peasy!

It's not the greatest photo, all though you should be able to click on it for a better view, but there's the 3 poster timeline all hooked together & hanging on a wall in our learning space.

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Kylie said...

Oh what a fabulous find Kendra. I've contacted them, fingers crossed they'll send us a copy too :-)