Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just Wanted To Share..

I've shared a lot about Winter Promise & how we really enjoy using their products. This year, for instance, both boys are using Winter Promise Cores & most of the goodies we share have come from those cores. Winter Promise now has their own nifty little blog, which is cool enough all on it's own, but get this they are giving away freebies over there. Not through a drawing, not through some random you've been chosen type way, straight up click on the download button & it's all yours!

I had to share, because if you want a sneak peak inside their cores or other stuff this is a great way to take a peak! Today there's a Pirate Freebie up over there, which I totally snagged, because who doesn't love pirates? I mean, there's even talk like a pirate day so it's obvious that it's not just my boys who think pirates are awesome.

Have a look around though, because there's more then just a pirate freebie, the nifty geography core Morgan is using this year, there's a whole week of that up free over there too! You can learn all about the British Isles & have your own lovely British Tea Party. I just hope your double decker bus driver is a lot more reasonable then ours, because all though they told me the Queen was driving, I'm pretty sure it was the pesky pigeon from Mo Willems books. I digress though.. If you're curious to know more about Winter Promise jump on over & take a look!


Anonymous said...

Honestly could your site get any better? Free WinterPromise
I love it. Thank you for sharing all this fantastic

Candace Crabtree said...

Thank you for sharing! :)