Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gearing Up For Term 2

During our term break I combined the contents of the picture on the left into the notebook on the right. Not all of it at one go, it's what I call our Term Notebook or Working Binder. Inside of it are all sorts of things we'll need for the upcoming term keeping it all contained, neat, & tidy.

Last year I had a working binder through the entire year, meaning at the end of each term I put the contents from my working binder back into their proper places & I pulled out the next section of papers, schedules, & notebooking pages we would need. It keeps things running smoothly. This year I tried a different approach & I had an awful lot of notebooks I was juggling for that first term, talk about crazy! So during our break I decided to get my working binder up & running again. 

In the picture on the left I have 3 Cores, 2 Language Art Core {just for the reading schedules}, a science core, schedules, & a science core. So I took all the pages I needed from each of those things & put them in my working binder. So much less stuff on our table & so much easier to locate what I'm after in a hurry.

The tabs at the top are post-it style removable tabs. In all our planning & scheduling each person is assigned a colour. Finding a packet of blue & green tabs on clearance for .79 was awesome! Jayden is always blue & Morgan is always green. I've tabbed each of their schedules for the upcoming term & the start of their core schedules for each week as well. My nifty Crickey! clip keeps all the pages I'm not using out of the way. Nice, neat, & tidy! 

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Mel said...

So Exciting :) Keep up updated on how it all goes :)