Monday, May 20, 2013

British Tea

Remember Morgan's lovely tea cup invitations  That was for his lovely British Tea to wrap up his time in the British Isles. It's one of his favourite things about school this year, the end of week activities he prepares for us. He wasn't too sure about making tarts, I think the name scared him off, so I suggested mini chocolate pies. So we did! The topping is not cream, no milk here, it's meringue that we dusted with a bit of cocoa powder.

The invites told us to meet in the school room at 4pm. Only, we had a small delay. We decided for our weekend hike to go to our local Arboretium as it'd been a while since our last visit. While there we ran into a lovely fellow who lives a few houses down from us & we ended up having a lovely long chat, followed by a view of the many carved cups before we even got to our tradition of finding the platypus that lives in the pond. Because we were out at 4pm I suggested we meet at 445 instead. Not that it really mattered, but Morgan was a bit worried about our delay in getting home, this appeased him. Thankfully we'd made the treats before heading out for the day.

He decorated the room while the rest of us trooped off to get dressed up. He found the party plates & placemates, as well as some funky patterned corell we picked up for $1 years ago when we first moved to Tassie. The bottle on the left is a milk jug {plastic} that came from a set we picked up for $2 a while back for just such events. Unfortunately Mr S didn't think about how they were cheap & plastic & melted four of them in the dishwasher. We had a grand laugh about it afterwards.

On our way to the door we ran into Duke Sebastian who was quite keen to get in for the treats. He was also hoping our host wouldn't notice that he was wearing a fancy jacket & hat with a pair of "comfy" pants. He managed to shoot up enough that he was too tall for his dress pants. Seriously, this kid outgrew all his winter jumpers this month too, I had to get him 3 sizes bigger!! I'm not convinced that will leave him with much growing room either. At least when he's done he can pass them down to his older brother.

Our host was busy trying to control his wild dog, which turned out to be an importaed Tasmanian Tiger, so we guests decided to be silly with the camera. Sir Albert got a little carried away with that moustache, & I had to explain my sleeveless dress with "the wind was so blustery it blew my sleeves away, I do believe I may have to fire my seamstress when I get back home. Don't let me forget that will you Albert?"

Sir Albert agahast that Duke Sebastian didn't believe half his old war stories. I think the whole "orange juice in the trenches" was what did it. Apparently Duke Sebastian has read much on life in the trenches & no-man's land & never once heard of a single soldier boasting of the glories of mango orange juice infused with plenty of pulp to keep you going all day.

Once the host got over the horror of my missing sleeves poured us all some lovely tea & told us the horrors of once seeing the Queen swimming in her bathers which were less then modest apparently. Thankfully it was a fleeting glimpse & we were able to climb aboard an awaiting Double Decker bus for a quick tour of London via YouTube. All though we were nearly chucked out of West Minister Abby for the obsessive giggling when Albert kept poking all of us & nodding knowingly as if everything we saw had to do with his orange juice & war stories. I, of course, bawled for them over the marriage of Will & Kate, Albert did too until his moustache fell off. Dear me, what an adventure! A lovely way to spend an afternoon!

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That looks like you all had such fun.