Sunday, May 5, 2013

Anzac Activities

On Anzac Day we went to the local 11am service, Morgan was still on antibiotic so we weren't willing to attempt a Dawn Service with him yet. Unfortunately the weather was the windiest ever, all though no rain which might just be an ANZAC Day miracle to be honest with you. The downside to the wind was that it was very hard to hear what was being said, except during wind lulls. There was a lovely speech being read during a lull which we were happily enjoying until a boat came into port & laid on his own. Have to say the speaker took it all in stride stopping & letting the boat carry on. I, however, fell apart & started laughing hysterically. Which probably makes me the only person to laugh at an Anzac Service. Alas..

The boys pulled out our Aussie Flag bunting which they never actually hung up. so I used it for a photo instead. We came home & made some lovely Anzac Day Slice. It's pretty typical to a normal Anzac biscuit recipe, except this was a chocolate version. The slice had a few tablespoons of chocolate in it & then there was melted chocolate drizzled on top. We used this recipe here. I didn't use white chocolate because 1 I can't stand white chocolate, & 2 I've yet to see dairy free white chocolate. I also subbed coconut butter/oil for the regular butter called for. I've been braving eating wheat again, so I wanted to try these, but knew dairy was still out. Turns out wheat is still out too..

Morgan & I both made paper poppies to wear to the service. Jayden decided it wasn't his thing, so he skipped out. The wind was pretty wild & I had to repin that giant one in the photo back on my sweater after it was ripped off. Morgan's never budged, but his was about half the size of mine. These were lovely printables which can be found here. It's a larger download with three different sized poppies to print out, a recipe for normal Anzac Biscuits, & a littler history on the topic meant for younger children.

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