Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Animal World Books

Jayden's core this year is Winter Promise Animal Worlds. It's a fun core that indulges him in lots & lots of zoology fun. The only complaints he's had about it, thus far, are when things get crazy & we end up skipping a day. It really annoys him & we had a few of those in Term 1.

Last year with our Sonlight Core we read from a poetry book each day. I won't say all the poems were delightful or huge hits with the kids, but they did enjoy the routine of hearing some poetry each day. Or was that me? Either way, I knew Morgan would be using a poetry book this year again & I thought it would be fun to get Jayden his own too.

I did a quick search for an animal poetry book & was quickly smitten with The Beauty Of The Beast. The poetry inside is all about animals & the art work is beautiful. Unfortunately the book appears to be out of print, but we were able to pick up a second hand copy fairly inexpensively. So far it's been a big hit with him & he's even been game enough to try reading a few this year.

The other book we decided to add into this core was The Big Book Of Animal Devotions. If you're familiar with the Winter Promise cores you'll know they generally have Bible all ready scheduled in them in the form of a devotional or something they've written themselves. My only reason for picking up this devotional as well is that I'd all ready planned to purchase this one as Jayden's devotional for the New Year. I knew the way it was most likely to be used was to schedule it into his core. It has hundreds of devotionals in it all based on different animals so it's been fun to read a devotional based upon the animal he reads about each day too.

Such fun books to go along with a really fun core!

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