Monday, May 6, 2013

A Day Out

The last week of our term break things were pretty crazy here. We'd canceled the same camp trip twice, missed the movie we'd intended to go to, & couldn't make it to the footy match we'd all been looking forward to. Our idea of relaxing & enjoying some time out & about were coming to a crashing halt, & my suggestion to clean the house wasn't exactly well cherished.

I stopped working on my schedules, and came up with a secret plan to take the boys in a grand adventure. My instructions to them were to: Get shoes, an apple, & water bottle. Maybe a coat too, we're going inland & you know it will be colder!  Jayden was horrified that was the best he was getting in regard to knowing where we were going & proceeded to come out in shorts and a t-shirt. I made him change.

a half hour or so later & they figured out where we were going, mostly because we'd arrived & they finally caught sight of the signs I'd been following. I took them to a local animal reserve we went to many years ago. About three-quarters of the way there I was pretty certain I missed it, but decided to just keep going. Good thing too or I would have been driving in circles. This furry friend above was quite the nosey fellow, he kept us laughing & when we walked away he let out a displeased growl.

The place we went to has an animal nursery. Some of the animals may be born on the premises, but often these are little ones found wandering or malnourished somewhere & the park brings them in to care for them until they are old enough to be released back into the wild. There was the most adorable baby wombat ever in one of the rooms, I have photos of it but it's pretty poor due to the glass in the nursery. There were 4 little Tassie Devils this visit too, & they were absolutely hilarious!  They'd scurry up to the door to have a chat with you, but if any of the others came up the more dominant one would growl & carry on. I couldn't help snapping a video of it.

Is that not the cutest face ever? Okay, maybe not ever, but it was pretty cute & kept our attention for a while. There were some workers lingering near this wombats enclosure & she really really wanted one of them to pat her. When they walked away she paced the fence & started huffing & grunting. We stopped & said hello, & she scrambled to where we were & did her best to reach us. The wombats in the park are there for a variety of reasons, but all will eventually go through a programme to get them use to being wild wombats again & when they, the wombats, are ready they'll venture off into the bush again. So while they are quite cute & friendly within the park, they will be much more typical once they are released back into the bush.

Cheeky devil, eh? This is the same fellow from the previous Tassie Devil photo. They have a great big run that they stay in while they are in this park, & this fellow was sitting there staring at us when we came down a nearby path. Morgan called out, "Hey Mate what's happening?" &, despite looking like baring his teeth, he yawned & then just sat there like that while I snapped his photo. When we started laughing he closed his mouth & retreated back into his den. I'm afraid we only laughed harder.

While we were visiting they told us they'd be feeding the Koalas & visitors were welcome to come & watch & have a pat. We made it to the koala enclosure about ten minutes before feeding time. There were actually some funny white cockatoos nearby that we were playing with when we realised the koalas were behind us. The boys were the last to leave so we were able to get a lovely shot of this sleep girl. The male in the enclosure made a bee-line for Jayden during the keepers talk & it completely threw the keeper off her game. Apparently he's never done that before.

There's a large enclosure where you can feed the gray roos. Mind you, they are pretty keen to get the food so good luck getting in past the mud to the actual grassy area. Jayden was delighted to let them nibble oh so gently from his hand, especially this cute little one. Morgan on the other hand...

Was under a lot of pressure from this big fellow. I have so many photos of him being overrun with roos! I could not stop laughing, & he kept shouting, "I haven't got any food left!" They didn't care, they saw the brown bag & they were convinced he had food. He also had a little pouch around his neck that held food & that big fellow was pretty keen to have a peek at the pouch of his own accord. We had Jayden go out & walk down the fence line to lure them away with a bit of feed so I could get Morgan out. We convinced the big guy to go to Jayden & discovered the little one {you can only see her ears} that was still lingering had a joey in her pouch. It was quite cute because it's little feet & tail were sticking out.

And yes, we saw a turkey. A real live gobbler. The boys were walking along & Jayden says, "That bird is so ugly!" & I look up & say, "Oh, that's a turkey!" Then I had to stop & do a double take. We saw deer & bison too. There were goats as well which Jayden was very smitten with & kept referring to them as mountain goats. Jayden has clearly never grown up on a goat farm, unlike his parents, & finds their antics all cute & amusing.. mostly because he's never had to deal with the naughtier side of goats. All though one of the bucks was being really greedy & Jayden felt bad for the underdog so he asked me to distract the bully. I agreed & took the all most empty feed sack & lured the gobbler down the fence line a bit & let him eat right out of the back to keep him busy. Would you know that rotten scoundrel found the bag empty & grabbed it right out of my hands! I managed to lunge in enough to grab it back, but not before he'd eaten half the bag! Morgan found it all very funny, probably because his mother was lunging over a chest high fence screaming, "Give me back my bag you naughty little goat!"

Excuse the poor quality, but this is Spazzy Magee, & boy does he live up to his name. He was a complete spazz, especially once he saw the brown feed sacks the kids had. Never mind that the sacks were empty. When he took that grumpy look with us I leaned in to him & told him that the naughty goat had stollen the last of our food & half our bag to boot. I suggested, quietly, that he meet the goat after lights out in the park, if you know what I mean! Ha! It became the running joke for the rest of our visit. We told all the birds that the Emu's were out to get the goat. Then we walked to the other side of the park where the larger wild life, & turkey, were. There was one white deer amongst all the brown ones & it was a bit more shy, so Jayden wanted me to distract the others. You know what happened, right? Yeah. The greedy one was watching me scoop out some feed from my bag & dashed his head through the fence & took the whole bag & ATE it! I stood there with my mouth hanging wide open while Morgan was laughing so hard he nearly fell over. Jayden turns around & says, "Where's the feed Mom?" & I just pointed at that naughty deer. Jayden leans into the fence & says, "Tonight, after dark.. the Emu is so gonna get you!"

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