Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Day At The Beach

Despite the icy chill in the air at night we've had some reasonably nice days. Jayden was itching to go to the beach so he could dig in the sand. I pointed out we had a sandpit outside, but he wanted to be able to dig really deep! Who am I to argue with that, so we went & spent a few hours at the beach.

The boys dug, & the dog & I walked up & down the beach. Well, I walked, but the dog mostly ran because he gets very annoyed when we don't herd into his neat little circle. So he ran back & forth between the boys and myself. The dog was weird, as normal, but the view was spectacular!

As for Jayden's hole, he dug as far as he could until he hit a huge rock or bit of cement. Not really sure which, but he had a grand time doing it. Then he tried to fill the huge hole with water until he misjudged some waves & got drenched. At which point he was ready to go home & have a lovely warm bath.

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