Monday, May 27, 2013

2013 Week In Review {Week 14}

Wow, another week has passed us by, is it just me or are things flying? Last week was a little odd for us as Morgan was sick for half the week & then I was sick for the second half, which ended up making it feel like an incredibly long week when all any of us wanted to do was get out for a lovely walk in some of the nicest weather we've had here in a while. Alas..

Despite not feeling well we still seem to have accomplished a fair amount, but then one tends to have to be flat out before all school is shelved around here lately.

We did, unfortunately, miss out on an event our local group was participating in last week, but honestly I'm not sure anyone was feeling great enough to feel too distressed about what they were missing out, aside from Jayden. Until it came to choosing between the event or swimming because I wasn't sure those of us recouping would be able to handle doing both events in the day. Swimming won, which didn't truly surprise me much. He's really into his swim days here lately.

Both boys tackled another two lessons in math last week. They'll be keeping that pace until we reach a point where they need to slow down & really absorb what they are learning. At this point, however, one lesson seems to approach something slightly new while the other is more review so the 2 lessons per week pace works for us. They just watch 2 videos on Monday & tackle both A pages. From there things might be mixed up a bit depending on what lesson needs more attention vs which one is newer to them, as well as which pages will have the variety on them I most desire for them to tackle for the week. You'll ignore the ketchup bottle laying on my nasty lounge room floor, right?

Still reviewing our previously learned hymns, which we'll continue to do this month. The boys were sort of annoyed by that & wanted to move onto a new one, but I thought a time of review was a good idea. I guess time will tell.. Jayden boycotted the whole idea the day I took the photo.

We've been working away at our All About Spelling, which thus far has surprised me at which child needed review with what items. I had originally planned to use it with them at the same time, but I'm afraid my boys are rather competitive. It's not so bad with some things where they encourage each other on, but there are other times when it's best to keep them intentionally separate so we don't have to deal with the backlash from it. Which is why I should probably cut the tags out of the clothes, because Jayden is tall enough to need a larger size then his big brother. I digress.. We've picked back up our Return of The Word Spy this term & are as equally delighted with it as we were to it's prequel. The boys don't feel at all intimidated to jump right in & try to crack those codes at the end of the chapters! 

Handwriting was on tap which is always a point of contention with that little boy. He's accepted that it's a normal part of life, & for now his daily school duties too, but doing it happily is another story. We had one day where he was utterly convinced I'd erased his work just to ".. be a bully!" Ahh, yes, well not exactly, but it took a while to calm him down & explain that he'd proceeded to make a few letters backwards. Morgan, on the other hand, is content to do his handwriting, but we've heard the occasional squeal & squall from him as he he tries to accept that he is not capable of making a perfect-o letter like the computer can. All that aside, they do enjoy these books. In hindsight I think I should have gotten them both the same book, but then again there's that whole nifty competition thing which would not have been fun to deal with. Jayden was really excited one day last week because he thought he had sign-language. I mean, over the moon excited, & what a let down it was for him to discover it wasn't. Poor boy. Yes, my children know some sign-language & generally interpert for Mr S when we're standing on opposite sides of a room & I'm trying to communicate without shouting. It's actually quite comical when he says, "Boys, quick, your mother is saying something again or else there's a fly in her face!" 

Despite all the craziness with Jayden & the handwriting he gleefully wrote his Gram a letter last week & then informed me it needed to be mailed: NOW. Never mind it was 9pm & there wasn't going to be a post office open to accept an international piece of mail. Which was okay because apparently he needed an envelope & when I said where they were he came back with one we'd received mail in recently. {And, before any one panics about the return address on the envelope, no our children are all in beautiful health. Our home business simply donate to St Jude's monthly.} Jayden's theory was there were all ready stamps on it so he wouldn't need to pay for one. Then, while cleaning the house on Saturday he discovered a quarter from our trip to the states & decided to chuck it in his envelope so she could buy something for herself. Good luck Mom, perhaps a bouncy ball calls your name?

Morgan labeled his map of Ireland & had a grand time, when feeling well, tromping through Ireland. He really only had one day to finish up & a few odd things to do, but it felt like a lot more considering how uncomfortable he was with a stomach ache most of the week. The pieces on the map are from Winter Promise's Travel With Me Maps & Figures.

Despite the way he looks in the picture, he was actually feeling good by this time in the week. We started a new book in our Sonlight Science last week entitled: Genes & DNA. It's a lovely little Usborne book, all though the first pages we read last week had a mummy on it & Morgan couldn't tollerate the photo. No biggie, I just covered it up while we read. The books are internet linked, as are a few of the other Usborne books we're using this year for a few things. We've been a bit lax in checking out the links, but I set up shortcuts for him to do it on his own, which is exactly what he was doing in the photo above. He was learning how sheep are cloned after we'd read about cloning last week.

We officially wrapped up Cook's discovery/voyage/landing of Australia. Oh my goodness, the book was just delightful! The Goat Who Sailed The World lived up to the awesomeness we've come to expect of Jackie French's brilliant Historical novels. You absolutely must read the Historical Notes at the end of the book! Did you know that goat was granted a pension? It was approved 2 days before she died, which left us wondering what they did with the pension thereafter. And what bout the silver collar she was given for her duties? Was she buried with it or is it on display somewhere? We're moving onward with the First Fleet for the next few weeks as we have a stack of, what we hope will be, delightful books to read for that time period now.

The boys did make it to all their swim practices & their lesson last week despite all the craziness with people not feeling well that we had going on. Not sure where Jayden is in that photo, but Morgan's in the yellow swim cap. They were learning to carry a buddy out of the water, but I'm not so sure it went exactly as it should have. Lots of laughs though which is always good.

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