Wednesday, May 22, 2013

2013 Week In Review: Week 13

Last week was a busy week for us, & an extremely wet one to boot! Between balancing laundry in the unending rain {we don't own a dryer} & getting Mr S to & from work in the rain I was beginning to feel like we might never dry out.

Can I just say it's also really weird to go swimming in the rain. Not that we haven't had a swim at the beach when it's been sprinkling out, but goodness me it was an experience to swim indoors during a torrential downpour!

We ended up wrapping up our week schooling at our local library, kinda, while our car was in the shop. The dash lights had gone out & despite thinking it was just a fuse a mechanic I am not. Mr S can fix your broken computers, but don't ask him to touch the car or he might hyperventilate. He so didn't want me to test fuses, so we booked it in for a service & a quick fuse fix.

Morgan's still working on Sonlight's Core F science. He's not as pleased with it this year because we don't have weekly experiments. Wait, I should clarify.. There are some experiments listed in one of the books we use, but most of them are things he's all ready done or things I'm not keen to dabble with. I did agree to see if I could scour up some hands on things to make it more appealing for him.

He also put together a world puzzle we had on the shelf. He was so excited to finally get to put it together, he'd been waiting ages to get to it. That was until he put it together. Notice a small problem with Australia? I'm not referring to it's shape either.. Apparently Tasmania is no longer on the map!

Jayden wrapped up week 7 with his Animal Worlds Core. Yes, we've moved a little slow with it, but he's enjoyed it all the same. Ereth was a really fun read & he absolutely cherished our time with it. The book was pretty funny, & he just begged for more no matter how much or little I read. Ereth is quite the cranky porcupine who eventually finds his softer side. My only complaint about the book is that Ereth likes to shout really silly things, but it's often called swearing in the book. I could have lived without that reference.

Both boys started All About Spelling last week. I hadn't intended to switch spelling this year with Morgan as I was reasonably pleased with the results from Sequential Spelling. Jayden is so-so with spelling, once he knows how he's fine, but he doesn't always guess right. I was debating what to use with him when, for the hundredth time, All About Spelling came up. Someone in Australia was parting with hers so we decided to pick it up. I decided I'd give it a go with Morgan too. Despite the ages they suggest that each student start at Level 1.  Morgan's moving through Level one pretty quickly so I'm really glad I have Level 2 as well! Jayden is moving a little more slowly, but that's okay too.

The boys had more swim practice & lessons this week. There was lots of stroke practice this week. They are still working on mastering breast stroke. The boys really enjoy their swim time & it's nice to have a winter activity that doesn't require me standing in the icy rain cheering someone on from the sidelines.

The boys managed 2 math lessons this week. The boys are learning some new things, but it's mixed in with some review due to the way MUS works. In order to excellerate them to a point where they are learning 100% new material I've decided we'll balance a couple of lessons a week each until we are where we need to be. They took their tests in the library this week, which was all we did there because our library was so noisy it was insane! The only quiet area was the kids section where the only other person in it was a preschooler who was whispering to us about his movie. After our lovely chat with him we decided to pack up & head out.

Instead we took our books back to the car & walked farther into town. The boys had money in their pockets that they were eager to spend. Yes, Morgan has a lego head face on his bum. It's actually the hood of his jacket, but after hauling that heavy bag of books back to our car we were quite warm.

Morgan suffered through Jayden trying on jumpers & watching Jayden make the excruciating choice on which playmobile figure to spend his money on. So while we sat in the middle of the mall & waited for Mr S to meet up with us for lunch he started running around this pole, which eventually lead to some funky dance moves in the middle of the open space behind him. Jayden & I pretended not to know him & he got quite a few good stares, we were wondering if anyone would throw coins at him.

Morgan also covered Ireland last week, all though I didn't take many photos because he worked a lot on his own. He didn't quite finish it up due to skipping out on our study time at the library. He'll finish it up next week though.  Sadly no writing happened last week, Morgan has a big project he needs to wrap up there. Both boys tackled their handwriting too which is coming along nicely. It was a pretty full week for us despite all our running around!


Multi-tasking Mama said...

Would love to hear what you think about All About Spelling down the track. I have an 11 and near 9 year old and been thinking of using it. Neither have spelling issues, I just am not sure where to go next spelling wise and feel like I should be still doing it ... lol

Love the idea of doing the tests at the library. We go once a week so may get mine to take their MUS tests with them. They used to do them on the tramp in the summer.

Erin D said...

We started using AAS 1 with my then-10 year old and it has made a big difference a couple of years later. I'm glad your kids enjoy it too.

Swimming in the rain sounds like a lot of fun! And next time can you get a video of the dance moves ?:)