Friday, May 10, 2013

2013 Week In Review: Week 12

And, just like that we're back to school around here. It's been a crazy busy long week! So much so that on Wednesday I thought it was Monday again & had a small panic about all the things I hadn't accomplished last week. I was in a rush to do a few things early one morning when I remembered the chapter in Proverbs I read which reminded me it was only Wednesday. Sad, but true. I'd say it was just me, but Mr S kept stating how it felt like such a long week!

That's not to say we had a bad week, for our first week back it was full, but good. The boys accomplished heaps of work, & we attempted to test our new schedule for term 2. Attempted, because we rarely stuck to it, but that's okay.

We also tried out some new curriculum which my boys weren't thrilled I'd purchased. True story that.Upon opening the parcel Morgan said, "Mom! Why would you buy me a handwriting book!" Ahh, I tried really hard not to remind him of his eye appointment, but I failed. He really does have beautiful handwriting, but when questioned as to why he writes upper & lower case letters in a sentence he told me it was because he doesn't feel all his lowercase letters are as nice as some of his uppercase letters. Thus my purchase for him. I figured Jayden could use some review too & upon spotting his own book he uttered the words, "Nothing you say or punishment you give me will ever make me use that book!" Such strong words, but the sincerity in what he said made me burst out laughing on the spot. He was heavily insulted.

I learned to speak secret code during math time with Jayden this week. If he says, "I'm tired." he really means, "I don't get this & I wish I didn't have to do it." He actually did really well, as long as I didn't try to help him. I find that keeping myself busy so I don't help too much with all the kids work can be hard for me, mostly because when I get involved in something that's when they most need me!

Monday we watched a video about StoneHenge that was absolutely fascinating, to go along with our Children Around The World core. Despite being broken into 4 parts {an hour total running time} the kids were just fascinated by it the whole time. Afterwards they ran off & came back a bit later with a lovely lego model of Stonehenge!

Morgan tried out his new handwriting paper during his writing lesson. We're still using Writing With Skill & enjoying it thus far. He has a big paper to write next week so it'll be interesting to see how that works out. Having said that, I especially loved his handwriting with his work this week, the new paper was a huge help with that.

Our giant map of Europe received some lovely decorations for England. Really loving having this hanging up & how often he's able to refer to it for smaller things. He did a lot of his map work this week sitting in front of this map!

We finished Aboard Endeavour this week. The book is well written with a nice glossary in the back should you need help figuring out some of the sailing terms or boat parts. There's also a nice drawing of the Endeavour on the inside front & back flaps of this book. The book was also loaded with a lot of interesting information in regards to the journey from England to Tahiti & on to Australia. I think it was a tad rosy though, especially in regards to Isaac Smith's position on the boat. For instance, that's him on the lefthand side wearing a rather fancy set of clothes which is amusing considering he wasn't an officer or a gentleman. It's nice to read it alongside our other book: The Goat Who Sailed The World to give another view of how life on the Endeavour might have been like. We did, however, enjoy the first book, & are equally enjoying the second one. There is a slightly immature moment regarding naked women in chapter 14 {or 15}, where Isaac's friend on the boat points at one of the naked women. Isaac doesn't pay attention to it as he finds it embarrassing & the scene is quickly over.  Both books lend themselves to many mapping activities if one is interested, in fact The Goat Who Sailed The World has maps of the voyages of Cook within the book! {State library has both of these.}

Morgan was working on his World Traveler's Diary {WTD}, which he loves, & needed to find a bit of information out about Charles Dickens. I'd found this fun website earlier & brought it up for him & he had fun working his way through the stuff on Charles Dickens. We were really disappointed that we couldn't get the videos on that site to work, so I did a quick search & found this one which the boys absolutely loved. After reading & watching the information he played the game show & won the certificate, we decided to print it out & put it in his WTD.

Jayden was delighted to add bees to his height chart because they were on the 1-inch line. He also studied beavers, squirrels, & rabbits. He really loves Animal Worlds & can't wait to get to whales. He's thinking, again, it might be fun to work at an animal reserve or a zoo perhaps. We had a craft that we didn't get to this week, perhaps next week..

Morgan worked a bit on Passport to UK from Unit It covers a vast amount of information, but I pulled it out so that he could check out the videos of landmarks around the British Isles this week. We'll be using a variety of the Passport To.. titles over the course of the year.

We had swim three times this week, much to Jayden's delight. He really worked hard last term to move from the bottom of the class towards the top, & it all paid off for him. They only have lessons once a week, but we've been blessed with another pool closer to home that we can practice in a couple of times a week. You'll have to excuse the weird photo, it's hard to get a shot of the lesson pool with only my kids in the photo!
Morgan made these adorable invitations & taped them to our bedroom doors! The idea is that each week we are able we'll have a Cultural Celebration of the country we've visited for the week. He's really excited about this part & has been working on fancy name tags, & secretive plans for the past couple of days. We're hoping to save one of the little invites to tuck into his WTD!

The boys also finished listening to The Hobbit & were quite delighted with it. They are debating getting the BBC Radio production version of it or moving on to Lord Of The Rings. Morgan's pretty keen to read the book himself, but he's nervous considering it's length. Needless to say there's been a whole lot of Hobbit talk around here & they are both highly annoyed the film has such a high rating on it here in Australia.

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