Thursday, April 11, 2013

Swim Practice

This year we told both the boys they had to pick some kind of sport to be involved in. We didn't care what the sport was as long as they picked something. Morgan decided he'd like to do tennis for a change of pace. That turned out to be a total flop for the poor guy, so he selected swim lessons. Jayden decided he'd think about it a while, but warned us he might go with golf. I joke not.

The problem with Morgan's choice for swim was that our local pool was closed indefinitely as they renovated & finally put an indoor pool in. Morgan was feeling really deflated that both of his desires had been squashed like that, & I gotta say I was hurting for him too.

One day while at a local library we saw a flyer hanging up advertising swim lessons by a registered AusSwim instructor. The location was halfway between our home & where we meet our group. If that wasn't amazing enough the lessons didn't start for 3 weeks! We quickly contacted the fellow organising things & he had then enrolled by the end of the week!

Things were cruising along while the weather was still good enough to take the boys to the beach or a few towns over to the public pool to practice, but I noticed their skills weren't progressing when the weather changed & these options weren't available. It was very frustrating.

Mr H finally asked Jayde to practice jumping in last week. Jayden is very meek when it comes to jumping in & had spent that particular lesson standing on the side of the pool for 15 minutes. It's hard to imagine this is the same child who, at 18 months jumped into the pool & swam the length while his parents were flying behind him screaming, "WAIT!" True story, even his brother remembers that one.

The problem is that finding a pool with open time slots is hard work. Mr S dutifully called around, but was met with a lot of filled pools. By Wednesday I thought we were out of luck & I was really stressed with Jayden's lesson being the following day. At 1 we were making lunch when Mr S called & told us to get changed immediately one of the pools called & had an opening that afternoon for 130. We could have the pool for up to an hour if we desired! There was a lot of running around as we flew out the door.

I told the guys to get on their swim gear & get their lunch to eat in the car. Nana was with us & she followed this advice, minus the swimmers, & dashed into the car. Poor women lost her mouthful as I took a corner a bit more quickly then I really needed to. Mr S had tears of laughter streaming down his face as I retold him this story..

Anyway, Jayden dutifully worked on his jumping in skills at the pool that day, but I won't say they were incredibly fantastic. However, we encouraged him along & quickly discovered he was balking because he was worried about water in his ears. We picked him up some earplugs, a prize if he could jump in at swim lessons in 60 seconds or less & set out for lessons. He did okay, & was commended for his efforts put forth. He earned his prizes & life carried on.

The pool owner ended up calling us back & telling us that an hour slot had opened up indefinitely for us to use the pool on Tuesdays! By our second time at the pool he was happily jumping off the edge complete with rocket arms that will impress Mr H at his upcoming swim lesson. He also managed to master the swim swim, flip, swim swim flip. Which is swimming freestyle & then flipping to your back to catch your breath & continuing along.

It's nice that the boys can practice their various strokes while I can swim laps, that is until we get caught up racing for the diving sticks. The lady swimming before us today turns out to be from the USA too & she was delighted to meet us, turns out she's from Colorado. Imagine her delight when I told her I have an uncle living there!

It'll be lovely for the boys to keep practicing between their term breaks too! They are so excited it's all I can do to keep them on task on Swim Practice day. Talk about a lovely answer to prayer!

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