Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Two Saturday's ago we were suppose to go on a family hike, which was rained out by flooding rains. Sunday wasn't much better. So we gave up on the idea & curled up with books, a good movie, & some games & decided we'd hold of on the hike until the following Saturday.

Mr S actually had Friday off so we decided to take advantage of the time off & the good weather & we headed out for a few hours of adventure. The area we chose to hike in has a lot of different paths so we took the first one to the overlook, which is one of the simplest & easiest first. As we neared the edge the guys were all keen to climb on the poor lizard, while I was more interested in the view.

I'm standing there staring out over the town & the ocean & I say, "You know guys, this is how an explorer would have felt. Just imagine you were with Abel Tasman & were exploring, think how you would have felt to suddenly see what you were after." Dead silence. This is never a good sign.

I spin around figuring they've left me & taken one of the side trails to see them posing. "What on earth are you doing?" Mr S replies with, "Pretending I'm an explorer, I needed to get into character a little bit." I have no idea what the dog is doing, other then hoping Jayden will get off the leash so he can explore a little of his own accord.

The thing about hiking with Mr S is that we often do become a bit like modern day explorers. This trip wasn't much different. Somehow he managed to take us from the clearly marked Trail 3 to Trail 12, via Trail 16, where we ran into a modern day Seaman. Trail 16 rounded up to Trail 3, don't ask me how we got that lucky, which had 3 trees down over it & oozy mud as well as a peace pole, & more jack jumpers then I want to think about. However, it dead ended into the middle of no where which led us to the road, at least a K in the wrong direction from the car.

At which point the dog got really exited, because he knows that when Mr S leads us the wrong way it's his turn to take over. Between you & me, I think the dog silently prays on the car trips that Mr S will get lost just for the fun of attempting to track our paths back. Because the only thing the dog likes more then herding us into a straight line that goes where he wants is being the leader & being sure we follow the exact path he picks for us.

On our annual camp trips to the bush we use to hike down to the river. The path use to be clearly marked. Over the past few years it's become more & move overgrown & the last two times Mr S has taken us on that trail we've gotten lost. One year, we were so lost that the Auntie & Cousin with us had a small moment of panic & started calling out for the rest of the clan that was back at the cabin. When that failed to bail them out & we could see they were becoming increasingly distressed I unleashed the dog & gave him his favourite command, "Home!"

The problem with following a dog is that he takes the shortest route possible, & if that means going through the brambles he does. He also will sit on the other side & bark at you until you've made your way around them instead of through them. He also hates it when you stop to remove leeches from yourself or flick other such pests from your clothing. He does, however, become increasingly pleased with himself upon each return trip when he gets us back exactly where we started from. We didn't actually need him to lead us "home" on Saturday, we found our way all on our own.

As for that explorer's view, this was it. The guys did clamber down off the lizard long enough to take a peek at it. And, yeah I know we're only seeing a glimpse of the ocean instead of a glimpse of land, but you get the point, right?

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