Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Birthday

The same Monday Morgan had his appointment was also Mr S's birthday. The boys were pretty intent that after the appointment, & a library run, & a breakfast run we should go get some presents. Morgan wanted to get one of the expansion packs to Settlers of Catan, but the one he was after wasn't around. He settled for the Seafarers option which was a huge hit anyway.

Jayden picked out a hilarious pizza wheel that looks like a moped. It got an awful lot of laughs & now Jayden is hanging out waiting for me to make pizza so it can be properly tried out, all though he did settle for pancakes for breakfast so it could be given a proper go.

The boys helped make a yummy lemon cake, it was seriously tasty all though I shouldn't have tasted even a bit because it was laden with all sorts of things I'm not suppose to consume. I'm determined to have a go at making a dairy/egg free version.

The funny thing was that when we went to put candles in it so we could sing, we couldn't find any birthday candles in the house! We normally have a plethora of them hanging around, but for whatever reason I simply couldn't find any. As a last resort I threw some sparklers in the cake & we sang anyway. The boys were delighted, all though Mr S was utterly confused as to how he'd blow them out. For the record, don't pull hot sparklers out of a birthday cake, Mr S can attest that they'll burn your fingers.

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