Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Funny Parcels

A few weeks ago I had this huge urge for a marshmallow. Now I know I could have gone to the store & bought one, but I have a true confession here. Australian marshmallows don't taste like real marshmallows, & when you want a real marshmallow they just don't compare. While Mr S won't say that they aren't real marshmallows he does confess to there being a big difference between a US mallow & an Aussie one.

This craving was only intensified when someone in our group asked me if I'd ever made Smores before & what exactly they were. It was expanded more so when the kids asked if at an upcoming camp trip we'd be having a bonfire & roasting marshmallows. The final straw was when Mr S admitted that some of those jumbo-tron style mallows we used on a bonefire in the US recently would be fantastic.

I couldn't take it anymore & did what any sane person would do. I looked up the USA Foods store located on the mainland & then attempted not to throw a tantrum when I discovered they were out of Kraft Marshmallows. Because honestly, if I was gonna do this thing I wanted to do it right! However, upon the insistent of my family that we needed those mallows for our camp trip I ordered the other brand the shop did have in stock.

The ordering process was a feat all it's own. I very quite nearly ordered 7 bags of jumbo marshmallows & upon attempting to fix that mistake nearly ordered 47 bags. I couldn't understand why the end price was so astronomical, clearly my brain had turned to marshmallow. In the end we ordered 2 bags of minis, 2 bags of regular, & 2 bags of jumbo.

I figured if we were going to have marshmallows the least I could do was get enough to share with our local home ed group one day this fall when it's cold & bring supplies so they can all make proper Smores. Only, the crazy shop was sold out of graham crackers! Ha, so the extra mallows went into the freezer until the shop has the graham crackers in stock.

Now, if all that weren't crazy enough, especially watching Mr S's face when I told him I very quite nearly ordered 47 bags of marshmallows, it only got funnier when they arrived. That box up in the picture was HUGE, I'm talking two adult arms huge. When the lady put it up on the counter & Jayden spotted the USA flag he said, "Mom, did Gram-Gram send us a package?"

I replied with, "No, I ordered marshmallows from the mainland. Perhaps they really did send me 47 bags of them!"
The women behind the counter nearly dropped the package & then said, "Did you actually order 47 bags of marshmallows?"
I never really got beyond the fact that I did type in 47 because she lost herself in a fit of laughter. Upon getting out to the car we discovered only the 6 bags we ordered were in the box, along with huge air pouches to keep them from getting crushed.

When we got back to the house Jayden informed Nana, who was staying with us that, "Mom really wanted some American marshmallows so she called the postie in America, they really only call them postmen though, anyway & she told them how badly she wanted some. So he said okay & she paid him & then look he sent her 6 bags of marshmallow when she really wanted 47!!"

I nearly choked on my jumbo-tron sized marshmallow.

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