Monday, April 1, 2013

Funny Moments

This is what you get when your 9 year old climbs in your bed & says, "Let's take funny photos Mom!" I'm just gonna tell you right now that it's too hard to cross your eyes & attempt to push the button to take a photo!  No, he's not clutching a crazy little dust ball, it's a Puffle. You know, a penguin pet. Surely you know of these things right?

I'm not exactly sure how I came out looking like the total crazy in that photo & he's just smiling with puckered up lips! He said, "Do something really silly!" And when I just did a smile that was deemed no good, so I stuck out my tongue & scrunched up my face. I suspect that's his, "I'm not gonna laugh.." face.

He has one of those. He's practicing to be a British Guard for Buckingham Palace. High & lofty goals wouldn't you say? So I offer to help him whenever I can. "Try to make me laugh Mom." So far he's managed to hold in the giggles against me for about 5 seconds. It's not that I'm even doing anything, all I have to do is look at him & he breaks out in an insane case of laughter. The day he made it to 5 seconds I stuck my tongue out at him & he lost it completely.

Which leads him to ask, "How do they do it? How on earth do they keep from laughing?" I don't know, I really don't know. My suspicions are that they are laughing on the inside & just pretending not to laugh on the outside. When we make it to Europe & take a peek at these infamous guards I'll be sure to watch their eyes to see if there's some laughter going on in there, all though Jayden will probably tell me off for trying to make them laugh.. either that or embarrassing him.

Coming from the child who use to sit in the back seat of the car & act like a mega rock star while singing, "I'm going to the potty now!" Yeah, I was so singing along with both the boys when they learned that song, it went with their potty training book. I'm not sure Mr S has quite gotten over the total shock of us pulling up to collect him from work & the three of us belting out those lyrics. It left enough of an impression upon him that he fully banned us from singing any form of "the potty song" within a 2 mile radios, which nearly prevented us from singing it at home too!

Ahh, how the times have changed. I got in trouble for singing a Wiggles song not too long ago. "That's a baby song Mom, we don't really do Wiggles anymore!" "That's so not true, Morgan wouldn't let me turn of the Carols last year until after the Wiggles were done singing!" "MORGAN!" "What, I like the Wiggles, well I use to. Now that there's a girl Wiggle I don't think I can ever watch them again. It's just so wrong."

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