Sunday, April 21, 2013

Eye Update

Last Monday Morgan had his bi-annual check-up for his scotopic sensitivity syndrome. Trying saying that one three times fast & you'll understand why I usually refer to it as SSS.

Dr F was delighted to see us & find out how much progress he's made thus far. She was also really excited that we remembered to bring the glasses he'd borrowed & some extra glasses cases we had that were taking up too much room in the junk drawer.

Both Morgan & I had to fill out a questionare in regard to progress & use of his glasses. From there she administered some reading tests both with & without his glasses on.

I hadn't warned Morgan that he might have a reading test so he was put rather on the spot with the whole thing & did really well taking it in stride. He's not comfortable reading in front of other people very often yet, add tests to that he's a nervous mess.

However, Dr F is really good at explaining that it's not a test test, it's just to see how he's doing & making sure his glasses are still really useful for him. She then told him the tests were American reading tests because most kids might have all ready seen the Australian version in school. Which amused us all to no end.

The tests consisted of reading the paragraph on the sheet she placed in front of him while she timed him & kept track of how many mistakes he made. If he self corrects himself, or she asks him to repeat something & gets it right then she doesn't consider those as mistakes. Then she jots it all down on a sheet of paper so she can share his results when he reaches the end. He flew through the first four reading sections she gave him, & on the fourth one he got a bit tongue tied but managed to hold his own.

The results showed a huge difference with his glasses on both in regards to mistakes made & in regards to speed. In each reading he did he was half the speed with the glasses on as with them off. Before you mistake that as having all ready read it, she actually had completely different readings so that wouldn't happen.

In six months time since getting his own custom lenses he's managed to move a full grade up level in reading. Where was barely keeping his head afloat last time he can firmly read all that she presented him at that grade level. More impressive to me was the level after that which he could barely deal with last time {pre-glasses} he was able to read in full even if he stumbled a few times over it.

Dr F was actually pretty impressed with the mistakes he did make, not because they were phenomenal but because they weren't the mistakes most children she deals with makes. Each time he'd clear a word most kids would misread she'd make mention of it. I'm not sure that it really mattered and if it did what that meant for Morgan, but she found it really interesting  & it did boost his confidence to hear that he was reading words correctly that are often misread.

All in all it was a really good appointment. It helped us see what progress he's made & where he currently stands. Knowing his reading level, at least as far as this is concerned gives us a place to have him working forward from when it comes to the reading we require of him at, especially in regards to school. She did encourage him to keep working on his spelling, which is a slight sore spot with him.

Spelling has been a struggle for him, but after understanding that words on the paper weren't standing still for him we quickly understood why. She also encouraged him, as his mother constantly does, to stop mixing capital letters with small letters in a sentence. They had themselves a good laugh about what a strict & mean teacher I am when she noted how I'd actually written it on one of his writing pages.

The results came at a good time for him too because it allows him to put some of that into action as we make these things a priority this year. He'll meet again with Dr F at the end of the year & I'm excited to see where he stands by then considering the mass improvement he's made in a meagre six months time all ready.

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