Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Europe, Supersized

The small map in the photo above is what we were trying to use to label Europe. We were suppose to label: waterways, mountains, capital cities, & countries. It was a mangled mess & frankly all we saw was lots of labels that didn't fit not the shape & placement of all of these amazing places. Rather then give up on the amazing idea that the Winter Promise company had in mind when they created these maps we decided to take matters into our own hands & obtain a larger map of Europe.

So we heated up the printed & printed out a 30 page map of Europe. The big trick is piecing it together after it comes out of the printer. Having remembered our lesson from when we printed out China we knew the secret to quickly putting the map together. Then it was a matter of trimming the various sheets & affixing them to each other. Also learning from our map of China, we chose to glue the papers together instead of taping them on the front side. This worked beautifully all though the last six pages that printed out seemed not quite as much to scale as the rest of the map. 

Once we got the crazy thing glued on the front side we flipped it over & taped all along the paper connections on the back. Then we hunt it up on the wall. You can't really see from the photo, but if you check out the top left hand side you'll see what I mean about how it didn't print as much to scale on some sheets as it did on others. The border isn't lined up because it was either the border or the map, & obviously the map was far more important to us! Once we got it hung up I used some of Morgan's nifty Lego Man markers & outlined all the countries we'll be visiting while in Europe.

Next up we used the smaller map to draw on the mountain ranges & water ways we were suppose to label. I also coloured in the Black Sea because I felt it was a bit confusing with it the same colour as everything else. Then Morgan put all his labels back on the map which was quite fun to watch.

Lastly we grabbed coloured pencils & then coloured in the countries that we had all ready outlined. The picture above doesn't really show how vibrant it looks on our very bland walls. We really need to colour in the ocean like we did the Black Sea, but at this point we were ready to lay it aside for the night. Morgan is also pretty keen to colour in the other countries even if we won't officially be studying them. I like having the whole thing hanging up in our lounge room so that we see it all the time. Betting that Morgan won't be the only one learning the geographical layout of Europe this way!


Squarehead Teacher said...

My compliments on a great project! I just love your blog! Keep up the great work and best wishes to you and your family!


Nancy Ann said...

Oh My Gosh! That is really great!!

Sheryl said...

Kendra, we have used that site for printing maps before, and it is great! Unfortunately, I've somehow lost my bookmark for it. Could you link it for me?


Kendra said...

Sheryl, you can find them here: