Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Confetti Balloons

Excuse this extremely blurry photo, I really hope you don't go cross-eyed attempting to stare at it. For a few years now I think that every time I throw away the bits of paper from my binder punch or our normal hole punch that I'm missing a fantastic opportunity to make confetti balloons. I don't know if this is a real thing, but it's something I've had formed in my mind for years.

Simply fill balloons with all those wonderful little polka dots & pop the balloons for a shower of fun. Here's the thing though, I have a lot of great ideas that never go much farther then that. There's not always a good or logical reason that they don't expand beyond thoughts, sometimes it's just because I'm lazy.

However, last week when Jayden pulled out the hole punch the back that catches all the dots was off. He very carefully pulled that tray out of the cupboard & was about to throw them away when I shouted, "NO!!!!!" For once there was a rainbow of colours in the tray, normally it's all white. And honestly, the all white dots always make me wish they were colourful.

Poor kid nearly jumped out of his skin & asked what was wrong. I told him that if he saved those dots I'd make a confetti balloon for him. He was excited & replied with, "Cool! What's a confetti balloon?" So I explained that it was a balloon I'd fill with all those lovely dots & then we could burst it open. "That's not as cool as I thought, I hate the sound of popping balloons."

Regardless he fetched me a balloon & a funnel. We filled the balloon with half of the dots & then started to blow it up. For the record, never use the cheap balloons, they always end up popping on us when we blow them up. I'm a balloon snob & I always get the helium quality ones. You know the ones that have fewer in the bag but don't burst in your face.

Yeah, that balloon not only burst in my face I temporarily lost hearing in my left ear. Jayden was near tears & the dog gave up waiting on us to open the door & simply charged through it. We're a house full of people who hate loud & sudden noises, what can I say! All that was nothing compared to the mess of confetti all over our school table, the floor, my hair, Jayden's shirt, etc. It was totally awesome!

So we did the next best thing. We scooped up as much of it as we could, got out the good balloons, & divided it into three piles. We then filled three fresh balloons & put them away until Mr S was home from work. Then we all put on ear plugs, except Mr S who didn't seem to care, & I sent the guys outside with pointy skewers & their balloons. Oh my goodness it was a glorious shower of mess!!

The loved it so much they wanted to know if we could make them for Mr S' upcoming birthday. You know, I think we will, because there's equally something deep & satisfying about vacuuming up all those dots. Yeah, I'm that weird.

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