Friday, April 5, 2013

2013 Week In Review {Week 9}

Another week has passed us by, my how the time sure does seem to be speeding by this term. We had a rather odd week this time: sorta of crazy, very busy, & just a lot of jumbled mumbled stuff.

Monday we had a nice day off as Mr S was home from work, we often don't take school holidays during the week unless Mr S is home. He was, so we indulged in a final day of nothingness, or mostly nothingness.

We did go bowling with some friends, it's the first time the boys have been bowling & they enjoyed themselves very much. Jayden really seemed to have a knack for it, which didn't come as a huge surprise.

After that we raced home to watch the footy match we'd been eager to see all week, not that it ended as we'd hoped it would but such is the way these things go. A rather lazy day for us.

Tuesday it was back to work. The boys were in shock to discover the local school kids had off, so I had to remind them that we were taking Friday off. In Tassie the kids are out from Good Friday until the following Wednesday.

Morgan worked on his Travel Diary which required the filling in of a family tree. Lucky for him Nana was staying with us & he was able to get the information he needed for that side of the family from her. For the other side I had a completely blank moment & could not remember my grandfather's or grandmother's given names. I could remember their nicknames, but that was it. So Morgan used FaceTime to get the information from Gram. Apparently he also spilled all our dirty little secrets & discovered his cousin was sick, which he gave us the most grizzly details about over lunch. Nice!

Jayden hung up his bear sticker for his animal chart & then was in awe of how tall a bear is. In fact, when he filled out his notebooking page about bears he wrote that the most amazing thing about them was simply how tall they are. He needed a chair to reach that spot.

He was a bit sad when Morgan was making a passport & he wasn't, but wouldn't you know we discovered a Zoo Passport via Family Fun. It's actually meant to be used at the SanDiego Zoo, but he was keen to print it out & tick off animals as he learned about them. It doesn't have a picture/stamp for each animal he'll study, so I added extra blank pages so he could draw the others. He was very pleased with the results.

We purchased these, one for each boy, & we had a great time watching them. They are very well done! We had a lot of laughs, but there was a lot of learning with it too. I think you have to watch them a few times over, which wasn't a huge problem here. Jayden kept asking if he could watch his again.

Wednesday there was a lot of comic book drawing going on. We'd done most of our work before lunch & just had a couple of read alouds to go, but Mr S rang us at lunch time & told us he'd reserved us a slot at a local pool. This was a huge blessing because Jayden had been asked to work on his diving before Thursday's lesson. We made a mad dash for the pool {pictured above} & had a lovely hour long swim. The boys both worked on their breast stroke & floating before moving on to individual things they felt needed work. It was nice to be able to swim laps & leave them to it. By the time we got home they blahed out drawing comic books while I read to them.

Morgan started reading the Shakespeare book for his trip around Europe. The book really is basic in regards to the stories, but I think it will make the stories make more sense when he gets to them at a deeper level. Our missionary for Europe is George Muller, we're really enjoying the book! It was a tad predictable at the start, but I am curious to see how it all unfolds now. The Hobbit is suppose to be our read aloud, but Jayden was pretty keen to have a listen too so we've snagged the audio book to listen to.

Aussie History this week came only from these two books. We hadn't read the first couple of chapters from our spines when we read about Abel Tasman, so before moving forward I wanted to get us caught up there. It's really fun to read these books side by side. As in, one then the other. Our Sunburnt Country is written from a very... everyone enjoyed it & was happy about it type way where as History Of Australia is written from a more realistic point of view. Everyone was not happy, not everything the Englishman did was good or for the right reasons. The boy haven't said anything about the drastically different perspectives yet, but they may not have noticed it as much either.

Morgan wrapped up one of his science books this week. We really enjoyed reading through this book, just a couple of pages each week. We didn't end up taking advantage of all the internet links inside, we simply enjoyed the content. He's actually mentioned quite a bit of what he's learned here for various reasons which is always fun to see/hear.

Morgan worked on labeling this wipe on wipe off map. Check out how he labeled North & South America. Make you chuckle? It cracked me up. It was good review for him, we'll be doing the same with countries as we study them, which he's really excited about. Me too to be honest!

There was math & writing this week too. Morgan has finished his first full unit in his math book, Jayden is all most wrapped up with his. Morgan was delighted to work with a thesaurus this week, all though ours was not a complete one which I need to order for him. We absolutely love that book on the table, Material World. We read a little each day about families around the world. Today we peeked at toilets, tvs, & food around the world. The new {2013} CAW doesn't use People & How They Live, but we're using that as well from the older IG because it's just such an amazing book. Really helps put things into perspective for them.

We also had swim lessons, where Jayden didn't do a perfect jump in, but did it in less then 60 seconds both times. Huge improvement for him. He was so happy with himself, never mind he had a prize on the line at home waiting for him for his accomplishments. We ended up skipping home ed group this week as Nana was with us & not feeling well. The boys were disappointed  but we were suppose to be out of town today with family. That was canceled too so they are really crossing their fingers I come up with something funtastic to do tomorrow.

Two more weeks to go until end of Term 1, we're all most on track with things, but it's okay if we don't end exactly where I'd planned for us too. We really need the break & have all ready planned a few fun things to do, not to mention a special read aloud just for that time period!

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