Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2013 Week In Review {Week 11}

Tuesday of last week we were back to a semi-normal school week. I had a list of things I wanted the kids to accomplish before the end of term. I shared my list with them & told them they could choose to tackle it anyway they wanted. They opted to do all the math on Tuesday. Yes, Jayden is still in his pj's, or at least his pj shirt.

We also had swim practice that day & the boys thought they were pretty clever laying like this. Jayden actually had his hands behind his head all relaxed & comfy but had started to get down when I went to get my phone to snap a quick photo. He likes to back float in the same relaxed position, hands behind his head & feet crossed. Just a little confident..

Wednesday started with a little Family Service time. You know, as in chores. As in our school table was covered with laundry that needed folding & putting away. It was all hands on deck so we could find our supplies. Why yes, Jayden is wearing the same shirt again. I like to think of it as less laundry for me to do.

Morgan read me the rest of the Shakespeare story he'd been reading. Twelfth Night, which was written in a simplistic pattern, but he got a little confused halfway through with all the names. If you know the story you'll know that a female pretends to be a male & during the story she is referred to by both names. The male name when being spoken to, & the female name when she is thinking to herself. It kept throwing him for a loop. He's not keen to read Romeo & Juliet next because, "It's not like we don't know how that's going to end!" Cheeky boy!

Jayden worked on his book, but didn't finish it this week liked we'd been aiming for. That's okay, because what they don't realise is that they'll still be reading to me during term break. Shh, I won't break it to them until Monday morning. I had a good laugh while Jayden read this aloud to me because he calls Tommie Uncle Tom thanks to his own Great Uncle Tommy who was visiting this month. Especially since Jayden & Uncle Jimmy dressed up in Army Gear & gave poor Uncle Tommy a nice hard time.

Thursday we went hiking on a trail five minutes from the house with our Home Ed group. The boys enjoyed themselves, but it was while on this hike Morgan's throat started going crazy on him again. He went through all of his own water & most of mine. The chilly air is just not agreeing with this throat, poor fellow.

Friday Morgan was finishing off labeling his map of Europe when we decided the map was just ridiculously too small to fit the rest of the labels on & decided to print a better sized one out. It became an all day project as we had to dash out for ink & then came home & had to slap the printer into action... a few times over. We did get the larger version put together & labeled, but left a few loose ends dangling. It's all good though. We really need the break to recoup mentally & give the kids time to completely get over the colds. Bring on Term Break!!

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