Saturday, April 20, 2013

2013 Week In Review {Week 10}

I'm only a week behind in updating what we did for week 10, but things have been crazy here with the boys being hit with the same cold at the end of every week! It's getting old pretty fast & we're so ready for the crazy thing to hit the road permanently!

They seem to recoupe by Monday or Tuesday & then get taken down again by Thursday evening. No idea what's going on, but it's as frustrating to them as it is to me.

Morgan was hit really hard in week 10 with a restrike of his cold. Feverish, majorly sore throat, & headachy! He came home from swim lessons & curled up in a quilt on the couch & didn't move much until we told him he should just go to bed. Poor fellow was so miserable looking & upset that he didn't complain just tromped off & slept the night away. He always has such a hard time fully fighting off colds.

Thankfully Jayden doesn't go down quite as hard, just a lingering cough & slightly runny nose that won't go away. Maybe this week with no outings for them they'll fully recoupe, we're praying at least!

Monday Jayden was pretty miserable so Morgan & I pulled out Ka-Ching to play. He was delighted, but informed me afterwards he knew that the only reason I suggested we play it was so he could work on his multiplication & division skills. He's catching on!

We wrapped up reading Philippians & finished off our PictureSmart page to go along with it. I didn't get a picture of the boys as they hadn't quite finished before putting away on the day I snapped photos. We just work on these pages while we listen to an audio version of the chapter we're reading for the day.

It was back to school as normal by Tuesday afternoon & both boys worked through another math lesson for the week. They are both moving at a quick pace through their books right now, but by the middle of Term 2 we should be into all new stuff.

Still no complaints from Jayden with Writing With Ease, which is a nice surprise! He still needs work on handwriting which we'll add in along with WWE in Term 2. The lessons, for now, with WWE are still short & simple.

Morgan worked on labeling the mountains of Europe, something he really enjoyed. If it involves maps he's all over it, so this was a pretty fun thing for him, all though the map he was using was considerably small. It's a beautiful map that goes along with the Children Around The World core sold by Winter Promise, but oh my goodness. It should have been made twice, or more, it's size!

Thursday was our outing day with the local Home Ed group. Morgan managed to slice his poor knee open & wouldn't you know our first aid box was empty. He ended up swapping a nice sized bandage for a granola bar from someone who had a well stocked first aid kit!

Yes, I know the picture is blurry, privacy of others, etc. My boys are the two in the middle, yellow & blue swim caps. Jayden was so exited to get to swim lessons this week! He'd practiced really hard at swim practice to conquer his dive-ins & was giddy with excitement when it was time to jump in. Not only was his class impressed with how quickly he jumped in, but so were the other parents watching. Huge success for him!

Friday Morgan was a mess with the reoccurring sore throat. We always know he's not well when he's not up by 7. When he did wake up he attempted to finger spell via sign language to communicate because his poor throat was bothering him. So I pulled a couple of books I'd snagged from the library out of our box & we all curled up while I read the morning away. The Talented Clementine kept them giggling, all though I think that some of the humor is aimed at the parents too. We read half of Winnie The Pooh before Morgan asked me to stop reading because all the laughing was making his throat hurt more.

That pretty much wrapped up week 10, not a whole lot accomplished that we'd been aiming for. They did start listening to The Hobbit, which was Morgan's current read aloud, but Jayden was really eager to read along. Unfortunately we didn't wrap up the science we'd hoped to attend to, but it's not going anywhere..

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