Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Terracotta Warrior

Morgan's nearly finished warrior! I actually snapped this photo before it was fully dry, it's now dry & awaiting him to paint it if he wants. It's a little hard to see some of the detail, but all the "dots" on the front of this fellow are suppose to be the little bits of hardware that hold the armour together. He has an open mouth that is suppose to be shouting commands, hand drawn eyes, nose holes, a hair not, & fingers. Morgan included a weapon in his even though he's aware that the weapons had been stollen from the actual warriors. He's really pleased with the work he's done which made the project that much more enjoyable for him.

Ironically the night before he did this project & researched the warriors we'd watched an episode of MythBusters. The team had actually tested the theory behind steel & paper armour! That really struck a cord with Morgan when he started reading about the Terracotta warriors because he recognised the armour from the show he'd seen which caused him to wonder, "Was this armour paper or steel?" Isn't it fun when they make these connections?

We also read a little book about Terracotta Warriors we got out of the library. We thought it was  Jr selection, but it turned out to be a picture book. Which means, while it was still a lovely book with amazing photos, & a fun story it was a little weak in regards to information we were looking for. What it did do, however, was really wet his appetitive to learn more, which is a wonderful thing!


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That is awesome!

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