Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rain Rain..

Last week after school the boys & I hit the grocery store for some much needed stocking up. We've had so much rain here over the course of a few days that sand bags were out all over town. The two grocery stores in town are both down inside a hill & from the marks on the floor & the sogginess of the sandbags they'd clearly gotten their fair share of flooding.

Our own back yard was beginning to look like a swimming pool for a while which had the boys excited. After all Jayden's always wanted a swimming pool, didn't I know that? Morgan was more concerned that our local library would end up flooded again. Last year we had so much rain in such a short span of time that the library was flooded badly enough that not only did everything on the floor get ruined so did anything on most of the bottom shelves. The only saving grace for all their picture books is they sit in huge wooden boxes with wheels! They seemed to have faired okay in the rain this past week though.

In all our previous homes we've been on top of hills, because around here you either live on top of a hill or at the bottom of a hill, & we've not been as deeply effected by all the excess rain waters. In fact, when Mr S rang us one day to inform us that he was helping bail out a shop below where he was working & that he might be late getting home because the main road he needed to cross to get to the ferry was under water & closed we were a little baffled considering we didn't see puddles anywhere. Living at the bottom of a hill now we are much more aware of it.

On the flip side we desperately needed it. Our yard is green again & the trees are no longer dropping. Welcome to the rainy season!

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