Thursday, March 7, 2013

Praying For My Family

Last year when Mr S turned 40 I resolved to pray for him everyday. It's a long story, & a tad too personal to share openly where those involved might read it, but in short I didn't want to see Mr S turn 40 & go on some crazy midlife crisis. In fact, as his birthday got closer I warned him that if he decided to go off the deep end like a few people we knew had that I'd appreciate fair warning. It was, to be honest, a rather crude joke on my behalf in my efforts to make light of a situation.

However, I decided, without telling Mr S, who will only know find out if he stumbles upon this blog post, that I would pray for him daily. I figured that while it might be one of those unspoken gifts, it was also the best gift that anyone could give him. It was also a habit I'd fallen out of & what better time & reason to fall back into it?

So for the past year, all though I did have days when I fell off the bandwagon, I prayed daily for my husband using the book The Power Of A Praying Wife book. This was the same book I use to use when I was in the habit of praying for him before. In fact, while speaking with one of my sister-in-laws late last year I suggested this book to her as well.

As February drew to a close I was debating making up some little cards for ideas on ways to pray for Mr S rather then praying the prayers within the aforementioned book. My general habit was to pray the prayers adding in & taking away as I felt best suited the needs laid upon my heart. However, I also didn't/don't want to get lost in the monotony of praying for the ones I love & thus falling out of the habit of something I find ever so important.

I was delighted to spot these premade prayer cards today after a quick Google search. I'd all ready been aware of their prayer cards for children, which I had, but hadn't printed out yet. I was still using The Power Of A Praying Parent, another good book. While picking up the husband prayer cards I spotted that the same lady has also made some prayer cards for kids!  I was really excited about that as that is one of our focuses for the first two terms of this school year with the boys. In fact, I even picked up The Power Of A Praying Kid to use with them!

And if you're interested, there's now a Power Of A Praying Wife Devotional, which has really caught my eye because you pray for your husband, yourself, & your marriage. I pray for my family because I love them, but there are those days when I wonder if anyone is praying for me!


Mel said...

I'll pray for you Kendra :)
I'll also have a look at this book!

Kendra said...

Aw, thanks Melissa! :)

The books are wonderful. I obtained them while we lived in the US & when we moved here they were left in storage. I found them again at the used book store in town & have been so grateful!

Multi-tasking Mama said...

Your post has brought a tear to my eye. I need to pray for my hubby at times but forget to. Instead I probably nag or stress. Thank you for reminding me of such a simple but loving act.