Sunday, March 24, 2013

Geography, Upsized

I read a quote recently that went something like this, "A plan is just a plan until you put it into action." I'm paraphrasing here, for the record. The point being that I had a grand plan with our geography wall, but the maps were causing me great angst & thus my plans weren't action. Then I remembered reading, a year or more ago, about a website where you could download maps as small as one page or as large as 64 pages! If I had a big enough laminator I'd so make a map with 64 pages, wouldn't you? I digress.. The point is we decided to put a plan into action, & so we printed out a map of china that took 12 pieces of paper. The trick was assembling it.

It took us a few minutes to figure it out because we were trying to work from the top edge by the smaller map or China. As in, we thought that was the top & we couldn't figure out why it looked so weird! This is what happens when I forget that no matter how dusty the entertainment center looks dusting it, much less with scented dusting spray, will, without doubt, set off a migraine. Allergies, we love 'em.  Once we had the map pieced together like this we started taping it down. Which was a bit complex because we had to trim some papers & not others in order for it be all lined up. In the end I really wished we'd used double sided tape.

We cut the whole thing out, which wasn't easy because land formations just aren't smooth simple patterns to cut out. What's up with that?! I also had to retape a few places, but no biggie. I kinda highlighted the edge in orange because the idea is to hook other countries onto it eventually. The places it looks like I didn't outline are because of the clear tape that the marker didn't stain, so are the smudged looking spots. Thus why I think double sided tape would have been better. The blue & green labels are from Winter Promise as are the little pictures.

We penciled in the Yangtze river & then Morgan coloured over it with blue. From there we used the various maps & atlases we had on hand to label the map with cities & provinces that we read about in the past few weeks while studying China.

He blu-tacked all the labels down, we ended up printing out orange labels for China to match the colour we highlighted the map. He stuck the icons down closest to the cities they happened in, except the junk which is covering up the lack of a blue line thanks to tape again. The green label at the top will be between two countries if/when we add Mongolia. The two green labels on the side need to be out in the ocean, but since the map isn't affixed to the wall yet we put them on the edge of the country. We're pretty excited to turn a wall into a huge giant map. More seriously, I'd love to laminate them & have a giant map puzzle of the world!


reader19 said...

Thank you for sharing the link for the mapping. I really think this would be a lot of fun! Thanks a LOT!

Mel said...

Thank you for the link. :):)

Tara said...

Very cool map. My daughter would love that!