Thursday, March 21, 2013

Crazy Saturdays

This past Saturday, despite everyone being slightly off colour, we not only took Nana to town to get a new phone, but the boys also needed new shoes. Our boys have, for the most part, only ever worn crocs. Unlike most children they own 1 pair of shoes. Occasionally they have some form of boot for those muddier winter days, but generally they own one pair of crocs. I know, weird, but then again Mr S & I generally only have 1 pair too.

Jayden had outgrown his crocs, but considering he gets a year out of every pair it's not such a huge deal. We've tried, relentlessly, to get him other footwear  but he just hates it. He has wide feet & I think he's just uncomfortable in most shoes. However, his biggest complaint is he hates wearing socks because they make him sweat. So while Mr S & Nana braved the insanity of the Telstra shop on a Saturday morning the boys & I trekked off to the shoe store.

Jayden picked out his new crocks very quickly, but then we had to wait an additional 20 minutes while the lady tried to track him down a pair of croc boots in his size. I really prefer him to wear boots on rainer days, but he's such a heavy sweater & has such a hatred for socks that he ruins most boots. My desire in croc boots were that I could easily wash them, I just throw stinky or overly dirty crocs in the washer. Sadly the only pair she had were one size too small & the shop a few towns over only had his size in girl colours.

Next we trekked off to the sports store to get Morgan proper sneakers for a change. He had a very narrow foot, yes total opposites. We've been walking on longer hikes with the boys a few times a week & we'd like to go on long hikes on the weekends, thus another reason to get him something a bit better then crocs. The only problem is Morgan not only has a very narrow foot, but a longer foot. The children's sized shoes were too small for him, but the men's sizes were too wide.

I urged him to go with Nike's because they tend to work well for narrow footed people & I finally convinced him to pick a pair of "neutral" coloured shoes from the women's line. He really really wanted a beautifully coloured pair from the men's line, but they not only didn't have his size would have had to special order his width as well. He finally made a selection, but oh my goodness I'm pretty sure I can swap shoes with this child pretty easily now! I've been "stealing" his crocs from time to time to make a quick dash out the door, but goodness me!

Like his tye dye shirt? He made that at camp last weekend! He's very very proud of it, & yes he really is as tall as his Nana... without shoes on. An uncle from the mainland found this so funny he kept making Morgan stand next to Nana. He's still not very tall for his age, but that's okay I'm not sure I could handle him being the same height as me yet!

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