Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chocolate Popcorn

Popcorn has been a snack in my children's lives for as long as they can remember. In fact, we tease Jayden all the time about his first foods being watermelon, popcorn, & hot dogs. He eventually branched out to include raw carrots & lettuce, but only the later if he could snitch it while I was trying to make salads. In the US obtaining popcorn wasn't too difficult. Not only was it readily available the biggest choice once has to make is which size box, bag, or flavor did you want.

When we moved to Australia things were a little more complex. Jayden has never been able to eat the microwave popcorn without adverse side effects, the kind you don't talk about in private much less public, & the only bag of popcorn I could find was called: popping corn & very small. We use to impress the lady in the bulk health food store in town when we'd go in and ask for an ample amount each month. Eventually we gave up with that method & just started buying a bulk sack that was several kilos.

Then our popcorn maker broke. Stopped mid-session & refused to do anything more for us. We purchased a few different ones & returned them before finally settling on one who's price & ability seemed reasonably equally matched. Popcorn snobs much?!

The other day while the boys were making popcorn they asked if I wanted some & I said I'd love some. This is a huge offer from them because it means popping a separate batch without butter on it, because in case you didn't know two preteen boys can eat a whole lotta popcorn in one sitting. In fact, they can eat a whole lotta everything in one sitting. Normally I just drizzle a little coconut or olive oil on it sprinkle with salt & carry on. The boys are generally appalled. I don't take any notice because there's no one trying to snitch my bowl of popcorn!

However, the other night I decided to try to make chocolate popcorn. Many years ago while working in a Gas Station in the US the local boyscouts were selling popcorn & of course hit me up. They sold an amazing chocolate popcorn. I remember discussing with Dad once about how they'd made it & we both were certain that they'd made carmel corn & then coated it in chocolate. I wasn't up for that much effort at home, read I was feeling lazy.

Instead I melted a half tablespoon of coconut oil, threw in a few of squares of dairy free chocolate {currently in the house is 72% Cocoa Dark Ghana by Whittaker's} & melted it all up. I drizzled it over a bowl of popcorn, dusted it with cocoa powder & sprinkled on some salt. It was yum. Jayden was horrified, Morgan was jealous. Mr S could have cared less as he has no desire to ever consume popcorn in any form. True story, & Jayden once told him he was crazy for it to which Morgan's reply was, "Don't be daft Jayden, he's just not American enough for it." Is it weird to anyone else that my son used daft & American in the same sentence?

Morgan has been eager to try some ever since & so after school yesterday I told him if he'd pop up some corn I'd make it into chocolate popcorn. I have no idea how much popcorn they pop, I just know it generally fills that big bowl. If I had to guess I'd say that, after being popped, it's probably 16-20 cups of popcorn. Maybe more. I still only melted a tablespoon of coconut oil & added 4-5 squares of the chocolate mentioned above. Morgan hates dark chocolate so I added two scoops of our stevia extract powder. Then I mixed the cocoa powder with a bit of coconut sugar {1 tablespoon of each} & sprinkled that on top & then we salted it as normal. They both deemed it delicious & proceeded to lick the bowl clean. Literally. Then they sucked the unpopped kernels clean. Literally.

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Gae said...

Dear Kendra,
Did you say you added salt too.
I am keen can you give me precise measurements please