Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chicken Soup

By Saturday of last week we all had a touch of this miserable cold that was going around, & there's nothing anyone loves more when they aren't feeling well, at least in this house, then homemade Chicken Soup. Mr S had promised his Mum he'd help her obtain a new mobile phone & so while we were out I stopped at the grocery store to get a few of the missing ingredients for the soup.

Thanks to that awesome pressure cooker Mr S bought me we were able to make beautiful soup despite our late time getting home. However, the kitchen was a mess. We're trying to teach the boys when & how to take medication when they are sick. This is pretty simple at the moment when it revolves around colds & they are just taking a variety of herbal things. However, while they seem to have the whole, "Go take your teaspoon of inky" {it's their nickname for the medicine, I think Morgan dubbed it that when he was littler} they don't have the whole, "now please wipe up the counter" part down yet.

Anyway, Mr S told me to get out of the kitchen he'd clean it up. I told him no it was my kitchen & I didn't want him to put away all the soup ingredients. Secretly, I was kinda terrified I'd never find them again. This is the same man, who, upon finding out company was popping into our apartment in the US proceeded to put dirty dishes in the oven AND washing machine instead of just loading the dishwasher.  Our first year of marriage if anything was missing I just had to look in the fridge. His theory was that I'd eventually have to go in the fridge to get food & I would find it, even if it was the missing towels I'd been looking for...

He agreed not to put away the soup items I'd bought if I'd just get out of the kitchen, so I left. I attempted a 10 minute cat nap, but it turns out the minute you throw a hood over your face to pretend it's dark your kids will instantly need help pulling lego apart, turning the bathroom sink off, or reading the instructions to said new lego. Mostly because they haven't caught on yet that they don't have to read the fine print in German. I digress..

When Mr S was finally done & I walked in the kitchen to make soup I found this nifty note pointing to the ingredients he'd not put away. After I finished laughing I was tempted to leave a sign that said, "But where's the soup?" The soup was fantastic, incase you're wondering.

We don't really do anything fancy for soup. We throw a whole chicken in a pot, normally I make it in the stove top, but it was after 4 when I got started yesterday so this time I threw it in my Breville Pressure Cooker. I covered the chicken with water, chopped up that entire half "head" of celery, an onion, 4 cloves of garlic, & two carrots. Threw those in the pot. I added a few shakes {literally} of dried basil, a heavy dose of black pepper, liberal amount of salt, & then a few spoonfuls of poultry seasoning {or chicken stock powder whatever I have on hand}. I set the pressure cooked for 75 minutes with high pressure & spent the next 75 minutes peeling & cooking some apples my sil's family gave us.

When the chicken is cooked, or in this case the pressure cooker beeps to indicate it's done, we pulled the chicken out & strained the broth. The chopped chicken & broth went back into the pan. I also threw the carrots & garlic back in. The garlic is so soft & mushy there's no point not, Jayden informed me those were my last carrots & we love carrots in our soup so they went back in the pot. Sometimes we take the chicken out & then blend up all those veggies instead of straining it, but this time we really wanted broth!

I added whatever veggies I could find from the fridge or freezer, this time it turned out to be frozen green beans & some frozen peas. Normally we'd add a few more, but that was all we had, & it worked. I also add a bit more water seasoned with more stock/poultry seasoning.  There were no complaints so it's all good!

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