Sunday, March 10, 2013


Excuse the shadowy photo, but we're off for a weekend of camping with our Home Ed group. Love the tent? We do! We actually had it built to our specifically for us! And no, the crazy thing isn't sitting in midair over there on the left, it's sitting on top of a trailer. There's a mattress in there for sleeping on & in the trailer is all our camping gear & then some, as well as a kitchen sink. True story!

It's not exactly that way I grew up camping, by any means, but something you'll learn pretty quickly about camping in Australia, or at least Tassie, especially in the summer, is that the way you camp in America just won't work here. Fires aren't just not happening, they are illegal! So you learn to camp in a whole new way which is just as much fun.

There's actually an entire section not erected in that picture above because we were just stocking the bedding inside & filling the trailer when I snapped the photo. I'm pretty sure we were entertaining our neighbors too, but I suspect we do that on a regular basis anyway.. And lest anyone panic that I just disclosed on my blog that we're away camping, we're actually due back the day you'll read this. Panic not my friends, panic not.


Catherine said...

Hope you all had a great time, Kendra. That tent looks awesome!

My big boys would have loved to have gone on the trip but the little ones are a bit too little. Maybe in a few years.

Mel said...

How Exciting....have a great time!