Sunday, March 3, 2013

Books, Libraries, & History

Ever go to the library & think what a fantastic book you've found & how it would go perfectly with some study you have planned down the line? Me too! Only, when I go back for the book it's obviously not where you last saw it & the list I use to make & keep in my bag always seemed to get, dare I say, ripped up by little boys to use as bookmarks.

I made a list on my phone once, but a helpful person who used my phone to make a grocery list accidentally deleted it. Ahh, what's a gal to do then?

I now take photos of the books! True story. The librarians are kinda use to me grabbing books taking photos & putting books back on the shelf, they rarely even take a second look these days. What? your library is so big you can't be seen from the various sections? Ahh, you clearly don't use libraries located on our little island then do you!

It's been an absolute life saver in my efforts to piece together an Australian History Programme for the boys. There are many deliciously good books out there, but considering the fact that we don't own them  it's nice to have access to them at the library.

By keeping a visual library of them I can easily pull up the book, author, & library number in order to type it into the card catalog & be sure i have it when I need it. Not that we're making very quick progress through Australia right now. That's okay though, I don't mind if it takes us a couple of years to make the progression through, as long as we enjoy the journey while we're doing it.


Multi-tasking Mama said...

Hey that's clever. I may even take some pics of them when I google them, so I have some ideas what to search for, when I can't think of what to borrow.

We have a cute little library too. One of those places where "everybody knows your name". ;)

Kendra said...

You know, i should put them on a pinterest board Ha! Now that would be TRUELY clever! ;)

Kendra said...
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