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Aussie History -- {Abel Tasman - Captain Cook}

This year, considering both boys are using non-history based cores, I really wanted to take the time to focus heavily on Australian History. I didn’t want to use a textbook for this purpose, but rather find something more set up to the Sonlight & Winter Promise that we’ve been using. Basically a mix of non-fiction & fictional books of great quality. 

My original plan had been to map it all out into a schedule this summer, but it didn’t happen for a variety of reasons & I’m really okay with that. Instead, I try to plan out one time period or event to work with as we go. I didn’t do this when we first started our year, & had I we would have wrapped up Abel Tasman much sooner.. I think. 

I did a lot of researching, mostly at the library & local book shop. I did even more question asking, mostly on Australian home ed message boards. The bottom line was everyone had great ideas for books, but no one really had anything all ready laid out. Rats!

However, I also get why. It’s pretty easy to just grab up books & read them. Add the events to your timeline, if you want, & then move on to something else. Truthfully though, I wanted to move in a more chronological order, because we’ve done the later before!

While I don’t have our entire year mapped out I thought I’d share, as we go along, what we’re using/doing, & how we’re scheduling it out. I’ll start with what we’ve all ready accomplished & what we’re planning to do over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully it will help keep us on track, & maybe someone else will enjoy the book lists & plans.

I broke our schedule down in the same fashion that our other cores are broken down into, it's just what I'm use to looking at & makes it pretty easy. I labeled them slightly differently though. Each one is labeled as Week One, or Week Two, etc. Then the days are across the top. Instead of starting with days 1-5 each week I kept the days going. If you don't school a 5 day school week ignore the weeks & just pay attention to the days. If you can't accomplish it all in one week ignore the weeks & just pay attention to the days. It makes it easier if you just concentrate on which day in your schedule you're on instead of which week you had hoped to be on. Make sense? Good! With all our other school that we've had going on, it took us a lot more then 2 weeks to get through what I thought would take us only a week or two. How long it takes isn't really important.

Week One:

Most of the books I'm using are ones we own, but we are planning to make great use of our local library too. History Of Australia is actually called Ashton Scholastic History Of Australia, I picked mine up used online & then found a few copies in a small back alley used book store in my town. If you live in the NW of Tasmania & are after the book I'm happy to let you know where that little book shop is. However, if you live in Tasmania the library has a couple of copies too, & by a couple I literally mean 2. Abe Books currently has a few for sale if you don't have it & want to go that route. I really love this book & think it ties in beautifully with our studies. This book is used through the entire duration of this study.

Our Sunburnt Country can be purchased through Homeschooling Downunder if you don't own a copy & can't find it used. I found our copy locally in another store that sells used books. However, it's worth buying brand new if you can't find it. I really love the way this book is written right to the children which makes it enjoyable for them. This book will be used for the entire duration of this study.

My Father's Islands happens to be a much easier find as it's still in print. The only book shop in my town had it on the shelves until I purchased it. Having said that the man who runs the store is willing to obtain any book for you & will quote you prices before he orders. You can also obtain it through Book Depository & they offer free shipping to Australia & most places around the world. If you use the link I've provided we end up earning 10% from the sale. The Tassie library has 4 copies of this book on their shelves. This is a really lovely book that our boys fully enjoyed, but be aware that there are unclothed people from actual drawings that were with Tasman's journals in it. While the women's chests happen to be bare my children didn't notice that they were women. The men are unclothed completely in one of the drawings. I didn't make special mention of it & as I read this aloud it nearly went completely unnoticed by my children. It makes a lovely speaking point of why the white explorers & settlers felt the need to "educate" the native people of so many lands though.

I'm sorry, we don't have any lovely timeline pieces. I do believe you can purchase Australian Timeline pieces, but we haven't. Instead the children either color a picture which we scan into the computer & reduce the size, greatly, & then print out for their timeline, or you can simply write down the person & place on your timeline. We love the Winter Promise notebook timeline & both my boys have their own set to use. Winter Promise does ship overseas, all though I'm not completely sure of the prices they charge.

We used this colouring picture for Abel Tasman. My children love to colour in pictures related to what we are doing while I read aloud to them. Sometimes I have them do other things, like the time I assigned Jayden the task of building something with his Playmobile that represented what we'd read in the story for the day. Morgan loves to draw & sometimes I encourage him to draw something from the story that really strikes him. Whatever works, we go with it.

The lovely Notebooking Pages we are using are available at Homeschooling Downunder, & in fact can be purchased in a set with Our Sunburnt Country. They are also available through CurrClick. If you use the CurrClick link we make a 10% profit on the purchase. These pages are very simple, but very well done. They match up beautifully with Our Sunburnt Country which makes using them each week pretty simple. When we are done with a Notebooking page we file it in our Timeline Notebook under the right time frame.

Nothing special for this week. I didn't make special notes of each explorer mentioned in Chapter 2 of OSBC, instead I tucked a note in so that I would remember, if we wanted, to add those people to our timeline. We did not, at this time, add them all. There are, however, notebooking pages for each one if you want to extend your studies & explore each person. Just be aware that if you're using these schedules you'll cover Captain Cook a bit more in depth over the next couple of weeks.

Aboard Endeavour is a book we're borrowing from the library. It's a non-fiction book written as though it were a diary kept upon the Endeavour by Isaac Smith. Easily read & full of beautiful photos. It's a quick read & we're borrowing it because we'll only need it for a week. The Tasmanian library system has 4 copies, at this time, with the call number of: J 910.92 STA. You have to search for it in the system as: Cook's Voyage. The full title is: Aboard Endeavour Cook's Voyage 1768-1771. Author: Bruce Stannard. ISB: 1-86388-131-x. Published by Ashton Scholastic.

The Goat Who Sailed The World is lovely Jackie French book. I say lovely because we've yet to read a single story this amazing author has scripted without being fully captivated. Unfortunately many of her Australian history books seem to be out of print, but this particular book is available for Kindle within a set of 5 Animal books. I was so excited to find it that way so I wouldn't have to wait for the library to fetch me a copy & because this 5 Animal set has 2 other books we had planned to read for this study as well! Having said that, the Tasmanian Library does have 5 copies of the book on hand.

This is the colouring sheet of James Cook we'll be using. If you hover the mouse over the picture it'll bring up the option to colour online or print out. We print out & colour while I read. 

We're still waiting on another book to come in from our library that has to do with the Endeavour, so it's not actually scheduled incase it doesn't come in time. I do hope it does as it's written by the lovely Wendy MacDonald & honestly her books are a true delight to read too!

Ha, I can see that I forgot to delete/change the timeline pieces, colouring sheets, & notebooking pages on this schedule. You'll have to just tick them off if you've all ready accomplished them! That's it, that's as far as I've fully planned out at this stage. I do have plans all ready going for Botany Bay as well as our books selected, but I don't know if we'll get to that before term break. I'll share those when we get to them. I figure if I share them as we go it'll help keep us on track! 

I just feel the need to add, again, that we'll be sharing as we go along, meaning that I won't post an entire years worth of Australian history plans here anytime soon, but rather a few weeks at a time as we plan them out & do them. Feel free to click on the schedules, they won't be blurry then & you can print them out that way too. I left lots of blank spaces so you can add in anything you want, because I tend to do that a lot, don't you?

I haven't included picture books, thus far, mostly because I've read the ones our library has for most of what we'll be studying. Having said that if you want to include them in your studies, go for it! There are some really lovely ones available in the Tasmanian library system. My boys are older now & ready for slightly meatier reads. 

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