Friday, March 8, 2013


Morgan has always had a knack for drawing & this week he decided to try out a new technique which was a huge hit. He pencils a sketch on paper, which can be pretty simple or incredibly complex depending on the time & day, & then he outlines over them in marker. Colours it all in with pencils & then presents it to us hoping for the right response based on what he's drawn.

Last night after looking over all his sketches from the day I sat down to make sure our things were in order for the following school day. Jayden came in & wanted to know if he could play on the ipad. He was heavily disappointed when I said no, & so as a quick distraction I whispered to him that we should try one of these new fangled drawings that Morgan was doing & surprise Morgan with it for a change. He readily agreed when I suggested a giant mouth with itty bitty eyes, feet, & hands. He suggested we be sure to add a toothbrush.

Morgan of course couldn't resist joining in for a few more drawings before bedtime. His concentration on his art is always amazing to me, mind you he has the same concentration when he's building with lego too, or attempting to take something apart so he can fix it.

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