Friday, March 22, 2013


We heard back from the DHHS last week & have a stack of papers to fill in, reports to obtain, & other things. Normally I think we'd be overwhelmed with the amount of information they want, but honestly when you've been through the INS process in two countries, traveled overseas, & had to obtain citizenship in another country for your children it all becomes a bit of a, "been there done that.." kinda thing. I'm not going to say it'll be enjoyable to do all the things required in this packet or that they'll be a cinch, but we don't feel stressed about it.

There's a long back story to our choice to adopt, a six year back story actually. We'll share it eventually. For now though, we've got a stack of papers to fill out, children to pray for, & the everyday things that add up to life. In the mean time, we welcome prayers as we travel this road.


christinelovesrexx said...

We are just a couple weeks away from finalizing our sibling group of 3 adoption bringing our family # up to 7. Since we are in the states I'm sure the process will be different for you but it is a blessing. I pray God continues to strengthen your decision and opens the doors as He wills.

Mel said...

How exciting. I'm guessing it's a long and hard process. I'd love to hear your story as to why you feel called to adopt. It's certainly a calling!
I often wonder why it is that so many celebrities adopt children and whether it takes as long for them as it does for more 'average' folk.
Just a thought that crossed my mind.
I hope you don't mind that I put you in the 'average' group. Personally I think there is an amazing and extraordinary being average :)

Anonymous said...

We have adopted locally here in NSW back in 2003. You smile and fill the forms in and go to interviews and at every step, they seem to be putting you off, by more and more hurdles. Just keep on smiling and jumping those hurdles. These children deserve a forever family and paper work is only the beginning. Goodluck, I look forward to hearing about your progress :)

Nancy said...

I am excited and happy for you. Our adoption journey was not so good. We went through a whole year of the process basically to have them tell us we would not be appropriate parents. Totally heartbreaking and made me angry because I think the one thing my husband and I do really well is parent! I hope all is better for you. I will pray for you. Maybe your journey will encourage and inspire me to try again!