Sunday, March 31, 2013

2013 Week In Review {Week 8}

This week is rather skimpy with photos because while the boys were schooling this week I was busy dealing with a pile of other things. In fact one day was so insane that I no sooner had a child set up with lessons then another needed help, & when that task was done the washer screamed. Someone knocked at the door, once I got rid of that person another person showed up. And you know, it's so much easier to ignore people at the door if your children wouldn't pry open the privacy blinds & smash their noses on the windows & say, "Nope, it's no one we know Mom!"

Yes, i took a photo of Elmer's Glue in the local grocery, it's not as normal to find as you might think. We haven't made our annual Christmas ornaments in a few years due to the difficulty in finding the right kind of white glue, so when I found Elmer's in the local grocery I got all excited much to the boys confusion & then, I'm pretty sure, embarrassment  "It's just glue Mom, do we need more glue?"  Ahh yes, well anyway, I knew what I was all excited about!

We wrapped up John this past week & started in with Phillipians. The boys split the Psalms of the day to read aloud to us & we listen to Phillipians via Audible. I finally updated our Memory Box, I'd meant to do it a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't.

Both boys moved on with math, I had hoped to have Jayden skip a couple of lessons, but he had a blank moment & forgot about carrying. So I had him to do the review lesson on it just to refresh him before we progress. Morgan is still working with simple division, but he aced his 9 facts this week. He still needs a bit of practice with the 3's but I really think it's time for him to move on.

We're a bit behind where I'd hoped to be in the writing book I got for Morgan. He really enjoys using the book & I'm really happy with it too, but we've allowed ourselves to get overly bogged down with other things. We're evenly balanced there, as Jayden is as behind in his writing book as Morgan!

We're moving along with The Return Of The Word Spy, but we had a lovely short week so nothing major with it this week. It's as wonderful as the first one, at least for now, so the boys laughed & learned this week with it.

I laid out a new schedule for the boys & they did so well with it that not only did they stick with it, but they finished their school nice & early. I treated them to the newest Ninjago movie that they've been after for a while. Of course, after a few errands they begged to go right home & watch a few episodes.

We also snagged a couple of videos, rental, that match up with what the boys are studying in various things. Jayden is covering bears this past week & Morgan was studying Saudia Arabia. I remembered, a bit late, that The Black Stallion took place, at least in part, in S. Arabia so I thought it might be fun for Morgan to watch.

We switched things up a little bit with Morgan's school. We were using SL Core F as our main focus with bits of Winter Promise Children Around The World, but we changed it a bit. Instead, WP CAW Core is now our main focus, & I matched up all the lovely literature from Core F. Now we get the best bits from each curriculum & the workload, while still allowing Morgan to be independent, is not weighing us all down so heavily. I'll have to explain it all more in depth later. Yes, that's my child who needs his glasses on attempting to get away without wearing them. Yes, the case is right next to him, & no, the glasses are probably not in it.

Jayden started "computer" school as he calls it. We actually own many Download-N-Go units that we've accumulated for free or close to free over the years. We've been reading a book entitled Take A Tree Walk, which he hasn't enjoyed that much. I pulled out the Tremendous Trees DNG for him & set him up with an assigned amount to do each day. He was so excited by this!! Notice the look on his face? That's his, "Seriously Mom, a photo?" I gave him the same rules as Morgan when I set him up with this. He was so good about not allowing himself to be distracted & couldn't wait to share what he'd learned & then asked for permission to watch a video that he saw when he was doing his work.

I have to say that I really love that it allows him to work independently & feel so grown up. It also keeps him occupied, in a good way, while I'm working with Morgan when I need to. It also let's Jayden feel really special because Morgan uses the computer for research & Jayden really felt left out of that loop. Morgan's suppose to use it for typing, but our desktop is currently not working so that's on hold temporarily. Anyway, the point is, that it's an added bonus to Jayden's Animal World core this year, & it fits in so nicely.

Swim lessons are progressing, all though Jayden is really struggling with the diving in portion. He's suppose to be practicing that this week, but our local pool is still closed. We need to seek out a place for him to practice, because it's a tad chilly here to practice diving in the ocean right now. He was really disappointed with his efforts on Thursday, especially after being so determined he was going to do it. He gets up there & looks into the water & just can't bring himself to make the jump. Morgan spent most of his lesson working on the breast stroke, he's not keen on it. Both of them were really worn out after lessons, they don't normally play that hard & that long at the park prior. Needless to say they slept really well that evening!

Aside from all this we finally wrapped up My Father's Islands, which was our book about Abel Tasman. I'm not sure we can ever speak of coconuts again without laughing to some degree, & the boys are eager beavers to go check out the Tasman Bust in Salamanca next time we're down that way. We decided to start our Easter Holidays a day early & took all of Thursday off to have a lovely day at the park with friends. It was a well needed day off!! Next week is another short week for us too as the boys have Monday & Friday off again.


Dawn said...

You all got lots done in a short week. I understand the joy of finding art supplies that are hard to find.
Blessings, Dawn

Sheryll said...

I have to make a special trip to Officeworks for Elmer's glue, I'd be very happy to find it at the supermarket!