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2013 Week In Review {Week 7}

This term is on the downward slope & time seems to be slipping away from us now. Not that we're complaining, we're looking forward to our term break which is still 4 weeks away. And oh so much, it seems, that we have to accomplish between now & then too.

This was another crazy week for us because while one child was on the mend from his cold the other one was running rather flat with his. It's the first time our family has ever managed to be taken down, all four, with colds at one time. Normally things manage to stagger themselves out a bit too far, & as odd as it sounds to say I'm kinda glad everyone was down together. It made things considerably easier, as long as I ignored the constant growing mess in the house. That's not an easy feat for me, but I managed.

And so another week has passed us by which was, despite the craziness of it, full to the brim for us once again.

We officially finished book #1 in The Word Spy series. There was much rejoicing which was quickly followed by terror until the boys confirmed we had book #2 on the shelf to start reading. We started this book a bit later then intended last year & despite not being done with it as I'd hoped we left it over the summer holidays & simply picked right back up where we left off. My boys learned a lot of valuable grammar from this book & loved every single minute of it. We didn't do any notebooking with it & despite having the little Activity Book that goes with this series we didn't use that either. It didn't stop the boys from putting what they learned into action, quite often in fact. I teased them about an end of book test that I was going to make up & I really did consider it. Something fun & simple where they'd have to use what they learned, but truthfully The Word Spy did that for us with end of chapter codes to break which used what you learned in each chapter.

I helped Morgan organize & clean his room Sunday afternoon & managed to pull my sciatic nerve again. It hasn't happened in a while, but it was complete agony! While I was awaiting a call back from my therapist to see if she could fit me in on Monday morning we sat down & finished off Homesick as well. I was eager to read this book, despite it being a reader in Core F, because I've always loved the books Jean Fritz has written. Growing up one of the books I read many times over was The Cabin Faced West & even own a few copies of it now! However, we fell in love with this book for so many other reasons. It's still been well talked about in our home, & the boys can't stop giggling & referring to people's mother's as turtles when they feel cross.

I don't know about in your home, but there is one subject that no matter what time of the day we do we always seem to get interrupted. For us, it seems to be math. Tuesday the boys had their math lectures & as soon as Morgan turned his on things went crazy here. By the time it was Jayden's turns things had only slowed down minimally! Yes, Morgan was totally bored, but it was so not his lecture & his cold was picking up speed that afternoon. Poor boy doesn't do well with upper respiratory anything.

Jayden didn't have much school because his cold didn't break until Wednesday, at which point it seemed silly to start him on things aside from his math. Instead he begged Morgan to borrow the Hot Wires kit & set about entertaining us with all sorts of things. He always manages to forget one part of his circuit & Morgan checks the schematics & manages to fix it for him. They make a good pair with it.

Morgan reviewed parellel & perpendicular in math this week & the majority of his work was answering yes & no questions based on diagrams in the book. We made a quick notebook page just for fun because we could & because he was trying to decide if a parellel set of roads could ever become perpendicular. I think he was considering how the highway, at least here, connects both sides of the road thanks to nifty little round-abouts in the middle of them. We also took advantage of the MUS website & the boys used the online fact review section to practice various facts.

We're nearly done with most of these books. As a family we're listening to the bottom one, but sometimes I scan back through the copy we have when I'm looking for something significant I wanted to mention to the boys. We should wrap up My Father's Island's next week so we can move forward with our Australian History study. The book is really very good & the boys are truly enjoying it. It's well written as though Tasman were telling his story to his daughter or as though she were speaking about stories her father told her. Young Fu is our current Read Aloud with Morgan for China. We're equally enjoying that, despite it's long chapters, as it's well written too. Having said that I will be glad to wrap it up next week too. We started The Power Of A Praying Kid, which we read aloud & discuss.

Thursday was swim lessons again for the boys. Our Home Ed group canceled their outing for the week, which didn't effect us too much as we hadn't intended to go, all though we desperately could have used the outing! Jayden still isn't keen on the diving in, but he was willing to have a go at it this week without Mr H jumping with him which is a huge improvement for him. They worked on the breast stroke this week & Mr H told Jayde that he's improved so much since his first lesson that he's really impressed with him. Morgan's favourite part is still doing bombs into the pool, mostly because he thinks it's funny that Mr H tells them to do it when the sign strictly says not to!

Morgan & I printed out & assembled a massive map of China which we worked on labeling this week. My goal had been to use our geography wall for him to do this with & become familiar with the locations of various cities, rivers, mountains, etc. However the maps were a bit small so we decided to try going at it a different way. My biggest goal is for him to know the location of key countries around the world so we'll see how this works. I suspect we'll need to change our art wall into the geography wall & vice versa in order to have enough room for our map by the end of the year! Morgan adored this project, & he complained at one point that I was helping him too much.

Friday we took Nutmeg to the vet where she managed to charm the whole office, especially Dr R who saw her. Afterwards we didn't feel like wrapping up the last part of our science lesson as we had some major cabin fever going on. Instead we gathered up all our library books & decided to head into town. We stopped off for lunch at a local cafe & on our way past a few other shops found a window display of jade. Morgan had studied the importance of Jade in China so he really loved the display, he was especially smitten with one that had a Chinese coin in it's mouth.

After lunch out we hit the local book shop to check their Aussie History selection where we picked up another book for when we hit Bushrangers. Jayden left the other half of his sandwich behind & didn't notice until after we'd gotten all the way back to the car. I told him if the book shop suddenly put up a sign saying "No food or drink" I'd blame him.

We did do science this week, but just worksheets so I didn't take photos. Morgan's still working on a digestion poster. Jayden didn't do any of his "on his own" studies this week aside from math, so it'll be back to all the normals next week.. we hope!

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