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2013 Week In Review {Week 6}

It's been a bit of a bumpy road for us this first term so far. Between adjusting to two completely different cores going, partial weeks due to holidays, & more craziness then anyone really wants to think about. Which is why when we started this week the thought was, "Hooray a normal week!"

Famous last words. My mother always told me to never tell God never because you'd end up facing it eventually. Considering she's a former homeschooling Mamma she probably should have warned me against thinking any week was going to be normal in our schooling.

Monday started out reasonably normal, if you count being woken up before 6 am by the neighbors dog, people running around informing me a bit late that we're out of milk, & the typical last minute scramble of the boys opening up the front gate so Mr S can make a clean get away on his bike. It just went downhill from there though.

I let the boys have extra free time in the morning while I attended to a late morning workout there was so much laughter coming from them it was hard to reign them in for actual studies. A workout means I need to ice my knee so instead of starting our day out as we normally would, around the school table with our Memory Box & Bible study, we all clambered to the living room so I could put my knee up to ice it.

And after a chapter of Morgan's current Read Aloud this is how I found Jayden. Naps & Jayden haven't happened since he was 3, because if he napped he didn't sleep at night. Even now he rarely takes a nap unless he's really sick. So to find him passed out on the couch after a short chapter I was a little shocked. He was flat out with a severe headache & dizziness. 2 of us had these symptoms earlier in the month, but try as I might I could not convince Jayden to take anything for it. He stayed like this for a day or two before informing us he felt fine unless he thumped his forehead pretty hard. Don't ask, we don't know..

In the mean time Morgan & I carried on with school. He was working on practicing his 3 ÷ facts, which he knows really well if I give them to him in order. Ha!  He was a little frustrated not to be as quick with those as he is with all the rest, so I reminded him that a little extra practice will go a long way. This did little to impress him when I brought up the MUS fact practice website, but after doing two rounds he'd knocked considerable time off his record. We'll advance to the next lesson & continue to do specific practice for those facts.

Monday or Tuesday I had to run to the shop for lunch supplies & it happens to be next door to the pet shop we prefer. Jayden still felt poor so we left him in the car while we dashed in to see if we could find a small cage for Nutmeg. Yes, she's wearing a sock in the above picture. We're nursing her back from a ramped case of mange. The sock keeps her from ripping her skin open & in 3 days of wearing it with proper skin treatment {aloe ha!} her skin is in so much better condition all ready. We knew Jayden wasn't feeling good when he didn't get out of the car & give us his 15 minute speech on how responsible he'd be if he owned a bunny.

Morgan was working on wrapping up his China unit & one of his assignments was to read about the Terracotta Warriors. Then I assigned him the task of creating his own warrior with some clay we had in our craft stash. The clay was a little dry so we chopped it up, threw it in the food processor, & added some water until was good to go. We actually added a pinch too much water so we dried it out a little with our hair dryer & then he sculpted, & formed away. Yes, while sitting on the counter, yes with the cupboard under the sink wide open, but considering I was remediating the guinea pig I let him at it & simply encouraged him as he went. The tin cans were only helping to hold up the sculpture as the body was quite heavy. He used some wooden skewers to help hold some of it together too & I had him built it on my lesser used wooden cutting board covered with baking paper. He absolutely loved this project!!

The boys & I have been reading through John as part of our group time in the mornings. I usually split the Psalm of the day up between them to read & I read from John. This particular day we listened to John instead. I remembered I'd purchased, ages ago, the NKJV on audio from Audible & it's really well done. As in, sound effects, music, different voices for different people, etc. The only thing we aren't super keen on is the man who reads for Jesus is very mellow dramatic. Morgan said, "You'd think the Son Of God would be a little more chipper wouldn't you?" Ha, I get what he meant. Don't ask me what he's doing there. Cutting Blu-Tak I think. His hands always have to be busy.

Jayden was feeling better by Wednesday & noticed that our Thomas months were pointing to the wrong one, so he decided to fix it. You know, I once suggested we put those little months away & he came unhinged about it. He's deemed himself "too big for Thomas", but putting things away or up aren't steps he's ready to take yet. Which is very okay with us, it just makes us giggle. Truthfully he does still love to play with his Thomas trains & he did enjoy watching the films until big brother lamented one day, "Oh please not Thomas again, I'm so tired of baby shows. Are you a man or a baby?"

Morgan wrapped up his Brain Hat, which he was most delighted with until I told him he could not wake up Mr S from his nap to show him. Mr S came home from work early on Tuesday I think it was. He called at lunch time & informed us it was cold. We said, "Yes, isn't it awesome!" his reply was, "No! It feels like it's about 14!" I thought that was odd because I wasn't cold I was comfortable & I'm normally so cold I shiver all the time. He turned around to ask his workmate for something & the man stated that Mr S looked worse then he had 15 minutes prior. He was then told he should probably go home & get well.

By Thursday, Jayden was back to full health {despite still wearing the same shirt from the day before} & Morgan was down with Mr S's cold. His misery was only magnified when I said that I was going to send Mr H a message & cancel swim lessons. There was wailing when I said, "And I'm sorry fellows, but no park day. We're not exposing others to our germs!" Jayden was devastated he wouldn't be able to see his friend! I attempted to cheer him up by pointing out we'd learn about deer instead. He's been desperate to do this lesson so he was pretty keen to get to it. Then I put both kids in the car while Mr S continued to nap & drove them out to a house we use to live at. There's a large paddock out there full of deer & we drove past it enough times I was worried the owners would come out & ask if we were lost. That's happened to me before. Instead, I took them to the library & dashed in to get their books of hold & grabbed them a couple of movies.

We came home & I made them 2-minute noodles, because when they are sick they think these are an awesome treat. Later that evening we watched Bambi, much to Jayden's delight & Morgan's horror. He can't stand Jayden's choice in animal films because, "Most of them are just depressing. The animals all die in the end, why on earth do you like these movies so much?" to which Jayden says, "Don't be so rude!" Morgan really does have a point though, I'm not sure how he'll cope when he realises there's an animal movie for Jayden nearly every week this year.

And that's it, that's our crazy insane sick week. I will say that despite all of the craziness Morgan nearly finished all his China requirements before falling sick. He has one more small thing to do & some crafts for his Asian dinner he'll have at the end of his Asia study. We also finished off another book, The House Of 60 Fathers, & started Homesick. Morgan's as in love with Homesick as I am. I've always loved Jean Fritz stories, but his love with this book is very different. He understands her dilemma in feeling like he belongs in two places at once & I think he fully grasps the emotions the author is trying to convey in the story. Jayden, who perked up long enough to hear the chapter about Baby Mariam was most insulted when the baby died. His reply was, "Your China books aren't very good. People die a lot, they are always hungry, & there seems to be a lot of war. Poor Baby Mariam, that's just wrong!" Thankfully I was able to call a lunch break.

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