Monday, March 11, 2013

2013 Week In Review {Week 5}

We had a mini guest this week for school, he was a tad naughty & kept stealing my writing utensils. You know Humphrey Hamster right? He's the star of many of his very own stories & we've had many laughs over them. The only draw back to Humphrey stories is that we find ourselves speaking in threes about everything. Instead of saying, I'm hungry, for instance we'd say, I'm hungry, hungry, hungry! Humphrey really shows a lot of emphasis about his feelings. The day he joined our little learning table I found myself saying, Sit sit sit down boys! Eventually we had to ask Humphrey to go wait elsewhere, much to his dismay, in order to get our work accomplished...

Week 5 all ready, only another 6 to go before our first term break! Goodness, the time sure does seem to be flying away from us as we run through this school year. Term one is our longest term this year, but then again, as Mr S pointed out, it also holds the most amount of public holidays as well. One of which we started this week & runs into the beginning of Week 6.

Math this week was slow & steady as Morgan practice his 3 family division facts. He's much quicker with them as multiplication facts, but I suggested we slow down this week to give him an extra week to really focus on them as division facts. Jayden didn't really need to slow down this week as he worked with estimation, a rather important skill if you use Australian money, but he really knows this material. Anyway, try convincing one child he should keep up a heavier math pace when someone else is doing less. Oh my they do try revolt sometimes, don't they? And yes, our table is often this busy until I say, "30 second tidy up fellows!"

We've been using both of these books since the start of term 1, but I just haven't remembered to share them. The top book is scheduled through Morgan's current Sonlight core. We read the introduction in week one, & since then have been praying for a variety of people in Asia. We do this during our morning Bible time. We discuss the plight of the people & read some of the basic statistics & the prayer requests before praying for a particular city for the day. The bottom book is our current Bible study. The book is meant to be written in, but rather then buy each child one I've chose to make up little notebooking pages with the questions on them. As they each spread out in areas of study this year they'll have individual books, but when we are together this process works well for us & helps our budget go a little farther.

A new month, a new hymn! We use this cd for musical purposes as we don't, at this time, have a piano. We do have an electric keyboard, but it's not currently hooked up & this works for us. I have typed up the songs so each person has their own little book/paper to use because it just helps keep things simple. This month's hymn is Christ The Lord Is Risen Today. I think their favourite parts are all the al-le-lu-ias.

Jayden wrapped up The Finest Horse In Town with a few notebooking pages he hadn't finished last week. You can't see his flag waving in the wind which he glued to the bottom of the Overlapping page. We were all caught up in that activity for a while, but only felt a few attempts were really worthy.

Morgan & I spent the week reading chapters from these books. He's really loving The House Of Sixty Fathers, we're a bit behind with it, but that's all right. I'm enjoying Young Fu more, to be honest which is set a bit farther back in time, I think. Mission to Cathay was so-so, we've decided to drop the book to be honest. Morgan wasn't really into it & we'd all ready about Hudson Taylors journey into China & the struggles he faced entering & maintaining a position there. We may, or may not, come back to the book later.

We're still reading My Father's Islands for Australian History. We're moving a bit slower through my plans then I'd intended, but that's okay it'll all work out. I set Jayden up with the assignment to use his playmobil to make something from the chapters we read on Thursday while Morgan was working on a writing assignment. He pulled out his pirate boat & made the boat look as it was described when they saw the coast of Tasmania & bits of New Zealand, notice the barrels of mead? You can't see the fellow sitting up towards the crow's nest looking for land, this was important in our chapter because they were pulling long shifts keeping an eye out for land. It kept him busy so Morgan could concentrate on his writing assignment.

Both boys are moving along with their writing. Jayden is still doing a rotation of: oral narration, copywork, dictation, dication/narration/outline each week. He's getting better with his narrations & learning that in this instance less is not more. Morgan was nervous about learning to do outlines, but in Writing With Skill it's taught in such an easy & gentle manner he turned down a job offer to get back to outlining. We had a few interruptions this week with people coming in to do odd jobs. One such person was here to fix a bit of the drywall around the windows so curtain rods could be hung up & when he fixed the one in our room he was distraught that there was no middle clip for the rod. Morgan said, "Well while it's missing you could just get a bit of string to attach it to the middle bracket, it would work until the clip is found." I chuckled because Morgan could rule the world if he had a large enough supply of tape, sticks, & string. Would you know though, the man took him up on the idea & then offered him a job, Morgan was tickled pink, but declined for need of attending to that pesky outline.
There was also much free time with art this week. He's making some kind of lego ninja warrior blocking something secretive.

No meet in the park with our Home Ed group this week, but we did have swim lessons. Morgan is in the yellow cap there behind Mr H. Jayden is farther down in the deep end with the blue cap on, a miracle of it's own. Morgan was working on a combination of kicking {straight legs} & arm movements. Jayden finally made his first official "jump" into the deep end. Mr H jumped in, twice, with him & Jayden was relieved to learn that water really didn't go up his nose when he jumps in. He's still worried about water in his ears but doesn't like it when I put his ear plugs in. We purchased silicone ones, I find them quite nice to be honest, but the chemist was intent I get the child sized ones & I think they are a bit too small & thus require them to be in the ear a bit more then the adult sized would.

Friday evening we headed out with our home ed group for the Annual School Trip. We go off into the bush & camp for the weekend, all be it this was our first time to join them. We were the only family in a tent, if you could our trailer tent. The boys were delighted to be let off of camp set-up duties to go play a game of Fresh with their friends. They spent many hours playing such games & swimming in the ice cold creek. Morgan participated in tye dying & created his own t-shirt. Jayden backed out & asked us to do his shirt for him so I obliged. They both were game enough for the fashion show that evening though where you showed off your tye dyed item{s}. Morgan was also a willing participant in the Mini Bush Dance some of the girls put on, all though he had second thoughts when he was lifted off his feet & went flying through the air when he misjudged which direction to go into. I'm not sure who was more horrified the other adults watching or the poor little girl who whipped him off his feet. Mr S & I, however were simply laughing because if you know Morgan you know it's kinda normal for him. We also enjoyed a hike on our final day there, all though we set off earlier then part of our group in an attempt to beat the heat. We had a lovely walk & ran into a family from our group on the way back.

Thus, me being me noticed another group coming & suggested we hide behind the nearest man fern & just stand there cheesily smiling for when they passed by. I told my boy several times they were not to cal out boo so the younger children didn't get frightened & not wish to carry on with their walk. Would you know that it was not our group coming but a group of random strangers with lots of children & adults?! Yeah, the kids were non-plussed by a group of people standing behind ferns acting like weird-os, but the adults were a bit more freaked. One father asked us where on earth we'd come from & if we had taken the wrong trail. Another one said, "Oh look, random people hiding in the bush!" Yeah, once they passed us we took off running up the trail to put quite a bit of distance between us & them. Mr S spent the rest of the hike back rolling with laughter, while I spent the rest of the hike praying our friends wouldn't disclose they were homeschoolers so that the rumor running around the trail wouldn't turn into something like, "Random homeschoolers lurking in the bush trying to scare people.." Ahh yes, good times, good times.


Tracey Clifford said...

what on earth are you feeding your boys? They have gotten so big!

Mel said...

love it!!!!!!!

Erin D said...

I love the imagine of homeschoolers lurking in bushes to startle unsuspecting passersby! Sounds like something our family would do!