Saturday, March 2, 2013

2013 Week In Review {Week 4}

Another busy week has passed us by, all though I think that's the wrong phrase to use. It would be more accurate to say the week came in like a tornado & swirled around us as we ran & jostled in an effort to keep up with each & every day!

It's more certainly been another week of whirlwind action as one of Morgan's heaviest, academically  weeks came to an end. Things ease up a bit for him for a while here which has him greatly relieved.

We had plenty of time for a bit of fun this week too, which is always nice after a week of business isn't it? We think so. We've also devised a less dry way for Morgan to tackle some of the excess research he's been doing, which has him very excited as he put it all into practice last week.

We're looking forward to one more week & then a long weekend in celebration of 8 hour day, which can be closely compared to Labor Day in the US.. incase you were wondering!

Both boys are still enjoying their new math books, but Morgan has aced the last three weeks. I got a little post-it note on his math work one day this week that read, "I'm not sure I will have 100% on page E." He did, I'm not sure what he thought he had wrong except that he had word problems involving quarts & pints. Those are foreign words to my children, sorry Mom. Seriously though, we speak in litres, millilitres, & cups around here. We buy our milk in 2 litre or the occasional 3 litre bottles. While I'd explained the concept a few times in passing I think he was worried that he'd done the work wrong. He didn't, he was mightily pleased. I'm sorely tempted to have him test out of the next few lessons so we get can get to the meatier math lessons though.

This year Morgan's science is all about the human body. We've spent the last three weeks learning about digestion, & are continuing to do so, except for the one day a week we study the brain. Anyway, I found this fun Digestion Poster that Morgan's working on colouring in & we'll put it together when he's completed it. It's a nice large view of all the bits he's been learning about.

Morgan is still in China with Core F & enjoying his studies now that we dropped the dry spine & came up with a much more fun way to do the research. Because we dropped the Core F Spine we decided to drop the EHN that goes with them & simply use Chinese notebooking pages that we'd obtained some time ago from Notebooking Pages {.com}. They work & give him more freedom to write down what he wants to say & what really speaks to him. Win-Win.

Another week of swim lessons has come & gone as well. Jayden wasn't as keen to go this week because he knew he was still working on diving in, but I told him that he had no choice. Mean Mamma? Maybe, but he went. He also had Mr H telling the entire pool to applaud him because he swam the full length of the pool & back again! Much fun there, we sent Daddy a message straight away & he was so excited that I'm pretty sure we heard his applause from where we were.

Our Home Ed group had a bike ride this week from one town to the next. There's a nifty little bike path that connects the two towns & you can bike or walk this path that runs behind the highway. Morgan biked, Jayden used his scooter, & I walked. It took Jayde & I a bit longer then the rest, but according to the group not that much longer. It was a fun trip & the boys are keen to do it on a weekend with Daddy in tow.

Despite the lack of Jayden photos & information he was busy this week himself, some of his projects are outstanding in the rather incomplete essence of the word. Once they are in the outstandingly completed category I'll snap photos.


Helen said...

Hi Kendra, I do enjoy reading your blog, you do so well with it and your days look very full to me. I'm interested to know where you take the boys or swimming lessons as I'm wanting to get mine into some too, some that run over winter ideally. Also I have a box of books I would have loved to snt along to your home Ed group swap day. I seem to have dropped of the mail list probably because we never go. I wondr if I could get the box to you to pass on?


Erin D said...

The notebooking pages are so useful, and it looks like your son's taken full advantage of the space to make them interesting.

Tell your swimmer that someone in Canada's applauding him for swimming the length of the pool!

Mel said...

You have inspired me to do weekly updates :)

Mel said...

what is the curriculum you use? Is it Sonlight or do you blend different curriculums?

Kendra said...

Melissa, Morgan uses Sonlight & Jayden uses Winter Promise. :)