Monday, February 11, 2013

Setting Up Sonlight

There's a lot of information within a Sonlight Instructor Guide {IG} & sometimes the hardest part about it is remembering what you wanted to mention or ask on a certain day. I absolutely loved the new IG's as I mentioned last year, but you can sometimes lose your way in the wealth of information.

So I took up a few ideas that others were shooting around & decided to highlight each new day of the week with a colored pencil. Each subject is also highlighted with a coloured pencil & from there I can highlight information in the colour of the subject when I find something I really want to remember not to forget. Was that confusing?

I also highlight other bits, mostly for my own reference, with one of those fantastic yellow twist-up crayons by Crayola. They are really great for things like that because they don't bleed through the pages, or smudge.

On top of the highlighting I also use some moveable post-it tabs to keep me on track for the current day within the science & main core pages. This allows me to easily open up to where I need to be within my week. I don't bother with a tab like that for the weekly schedule because that's at the start of each numbered divider.

I might underline something on there if I'm worried we'll forget it, but for the most part we just date each thing when we accomplish it. This year each child/person in the home has a specified ink colour. So since Morgan is our student using Core F I make all date marks in green should I choose to reuse the core with Jayden instead of updating when he's ready for it.

The picture above shows my working binder where I put one terms worth of plans into the notebook from both the main core & the science core that we are using. When we're done I move them to the big binder & put the next terms worth of papers in. Then each weekend I just sit down with my working binder & read over next weeks plans highlighting, in the described fashion above, & then I'm set for the week.  Keeps me on my toes, but honestly is very simple, & lets me know what Morgan will be doing for the week.

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Erin D said...

When we used to use Sonlight, I found that following the directions to assemble the binders in the first place was the most complicated part of the whole curriculum. After that, using it was a breeze.