Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Planning Five In A Row

Despite considering FIAR an extra for Jayden at this point, I still wanted to be sure the intended lessons were planned out. My biggest struggle has always been being unprepared & unplanned, so making sure what we wanted to do for the year was planned out was a great way to set ourselves up to succeed.

It took me 2 days for each volume we'll be using this year, Volumes 3 & 1. I simply highlighted the things in the manual I wanted to discuss with him & made notations about notebooking pages, Fold-N-Learns {now free for followers of the FIAR blog}, & other bits we have that we want to use.

For the most part, if you flipped through my manuals, you'll notice I've not highlighted much of anything in the science sections. That's mostly because the volumes Jayden has picked tend to focus on science lessons with animals at the core, because he's using Winter Promise Animal Worlds I know he'll cover those lessons there & we'll just mention the correlation.

It was pretty quick & simple & the longest part was waiting for Mr S to put all my stuff on his computer as it was while planning these lessons that my own computer met it's fate. Now when we open our manual each day to check out what we're doing I can easily see at a glance what the plan is. I love that! Then I just make a quick notation in my planner & we're off & running. Easy Peasy!

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Sheryll said...

Thanks for the tip on the fold n learns! I didn't know they were free to subscribers, what a great resource!