Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy 12th Birthday

Twelve. It's just a number, right? It has to be, because it doesn't seem like 12 years ago we were in our very first house having the wildest storm that was knocking trees down all along our mile long driveway. Or that I didn't believe anyone that I was in labour & was pretty certain that my lunch still didn't agree with me & I'd be fine in the morning. The laughs we have now about that!

Or how Mr S tells him that before I could be rushed off to hospital he had to go clear trees off the driveway. Making the whole escape sound epic. When in fact it was more like him panicking & saying things like, "Honey, do we have everything? Should we just get in the car now?" & my cousin who was saying thinks like, "Kendra, now is not the time to brush your hair, if you're in labor you have to go to the hospital right now!" Its true, I refused to leave without brushing my hair, after all I wasn't really in labor I was only suffering a tummy bug & going along with these two crazy people because the Dr advised them it might be wise.

We lived in a small town then, probably smaller then where we are now & the hospital doors, even the ER, locked at night. We had to push a buzzer & explain that I was in labor. Nothing happened so I just sat down on the floor & started to fall asleep until my parents arrived & wondered why on earth we were in the doorway & not in a bed somewhere. Needless to say, when your Mamma shouts into the buzzer, "Excuse me there's a women laying on the floor out here in labor!" people come running with wheel chairs, but if they forget to turn the intercom off you'll hear them saying, "I thought you opened the door for her!!"

4.5 hours later we were holding our first child & we have the worst pictures in the world, somewhere, to prove it. I look like my eyes are propped open with toothpicks & if Mr S were any prouder his smile might have literally busted off his face!

Morgan doesn't find his birth story as fascinating as Jayden finds his own, but then Morgan has never taken the time to embellish his story quite like Jayden has. We've had to help him along over the years with things like, "So there we were cruising down the driveway with 3 adults & one child in the car when suddenly we remembered the tallest tree ever was across the driveway! So Daddy jumped out of the car & pulled with all his might to move it. Which he managed because you know he's obviously as strong as an ox!"

I think the real issue for Morgan is that there was no epic entrance to the world for him. He was born in a normal fashion with a Dr catching him & the only funny part of that story was when I demanded to know why I was in labor anyway when the Dr said it wasn't suppose to happen until Thursday. At which point the Dr looked up & said, "Right everyone let's go home she'll come back to finish on Thursday!"  Or, when in a moment of insanity, I asked him why on earth he couldn't wear purple gloves like all the nurses did. There was a long explanation, involving layers of protection..

No, for Morgan is it's enough to know that that Gram & Poppy were there to welcome him. That Daddy was the first person in the whole wide world to hold him besides the Dr. That he cried when anyone touched him except Mummy & Daddy, & because of this the nurses all though he might not be breathing properly. That when we got home Gram had hung a blue balloon & ribbon on our mailbox & that his aunt & uncle came to visit him in the hospital. The rest are just silly details.

Which leaves us wondering where on earth those 12 years went? We blinked and they were gone. First steps, first tooth, potty training, bike riding, beginning school, rock collections, feather collections, cross the world moves, & an intense desire to explore everything. Those first 11 years are like one of those moments when someone says their life flashed before their eyes.

Now we embark on a new journey with him with many more firsts to encounter & I suspect in another 12 years we'll look back & wonder where the last 12 went to. With memories, snippets, & many stories to tell of the things that occurred during them. But in 12 more years if he's still the sweet loving boy that he is now then I don't think it will matter where those years have gone.

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