Monday, February 25, 2013

Geography Wall

Morgan's curriculum this year is a geography focus & we're adding a bit of extra purposeful geography into it. One of those things is this fun geography wall. The idea being that as our focus is on each country we label the map. We'd like to think that by the end of the year we'll each be able to find our way around the countries pretty easily, which won't be difficult for Mr S because his world geography is amazing.

It'll be a bit more difficult for Morgan & I, but considering we both learn well on repetition the idea is that we label the map many times over the course of the weeks we spend focusing on each country. Each map is laminated except the extra long ones. I also laminated all the cities, rivers, mountains, & oceans we'll be sticking on there.

The maps aren't ones we printed out ourselves, all though I did laminate the smaller ones myself. The maps were purchased from Winter Promise as well as all the cities, mountains, rivers, etc that we'll use to label the maps with & I picked them up while in the US.

The maps are beautiful to look at, but have their flaws. The map of China, for instance, has Mexico also written on it... right where India is. South America wasn't included so I used another map from WP instead. The bigger maps that are up are also because those maps weren't included. I would have preferred to have the entire continent broken down vs only bits & pieces, but again the maps were made to help children focus on the countries studied in the various curriculums.

I'm not too panicked about it though as I know it will all work out. If he can manage to label even half of what is on the wall he'll be doing fantastic!

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Multi-tasking Mama said...

What a super idea.

I must have a look around to see where else I can source some good maps ... maybe without Mexico on the map of China ... lol