Thursday, February 14, 2013


Our family really loves to camp, all though truth be told I prefer camping in the cooler months of the year vs the hotter months of the year. Mr S doesn't mind either time so he's game pretty much all year round to be honest.

It's become an annual tradition to go camping in a local State Park with family every summer. We have ourselves a grand time & simply enjoy the luxury of no interruptions to the day other then enjoying one anothers company. The weather this year was actually reasonably cool, & beautifully crisp at night. All though, it was so crisp the first night that I had to be unburried from my sleeping back at 430 am when my phone went off with a txt message & a child was screaming they needed to use the toilet. Good times, friends, good times!

The boys absolutely love the vast amount of space to play in, as our yard is a bit on the small side these days. Or perhaps it's not the size of our yard but the fact that they've explored it heavily enough there's little left to explore & a rather large lack of trees to climb or places to call secret hideouts. Either way, they had themselves a grand time exploring a huge gully near our campsite & came back looking like two little boys we hardly recognised considering they came back as gray & filthy as could be. I like to think of it as a sign they had a grand time!

Thanks to Morgan's keen awareness he managed to pull a cousin & his little brother back off the path while a copperhead crossed their paths. It caused such a stir that they felt the deep need to inform the Rangers straight away. They weren't very happy when we told them the Rangers were out until the following morning.

We went on nightly wombat walks. Some wombats were more complaciant then others & weren't bothered by the occasional patting & scratching, where as others let you know right away they'd prefer you didn't mess with them. The boys were shocked to discover wombats weren't as soft & cuddly as they'd expected, let's just say wombats enjoy the good mud wallow now & again.

There were heaps & heaps of baby wallabies this year. It was so fun to watch them attempt to keep up with the bigger ones. We had one little one that was doing it's best to keep up with the mob & failing miserably  so much so it had no idea it was about to hop on our feet & when we started laughing the poor thing looked somewhere between terrified & insulted.

Jayden spotted quite a few Mummy wallabies with joeys in their pouches, always a treat to see. In fact, one of the Rangers in the office was rearing one which was so much fun to see. She had let it out of it's make-shift pouch so she could clean the pouch up & he had himself a grand time jumping around the Ranger's station. While my children aren't capable of getting automatic doors to slide open half the time, the bouncing of the joey managed it!

We missed our old friend the Grey Roo who usually came out to see what watermelon he could steal at our annual final night barbecue, but the boys made up for it by collecting feathers they found instead. They had hoped to take them into the Rangers to verify what birds they were certain they came from, but we left before he made his morning rounds.  We also missed our annual climb of Archer's Knob, so we're planning a mid year return visit just for that. Perhaps the boys can catch one of the Rangers then to verify their feathers.

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Sharnee Torrents said...

Hello there!
I so know this spot!! That wombat totally gave it away and the dirt! I've not camped there but my family and I looked at it for a possible spot!
Its soo nice to have a regular place to go, we like Penguin! Have you been there? (the fact that your Tassie folk also?!?)
You have a great blog, I really like all I've seen and read including praying for your hubbie with turning 40! (my man is about to do that in OCT!!)
Love to know more about your Human science unit too.... I've been looking for a good curriculum for that!
Well happy schooling and have a wonderful long weekend!
Smiles SHarnee :)