Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Box Day

Thursday, amongst the great rush of packing for our end of summer camp trip the postman dropped off a huge box of school books for us. There was an awful lot of excitement over the whole ordeal, all though some of it disappeared once Jayden realised it wasn't the package he was waiting for. It was a nice treat for me to be able to sit down with a huge box of books to pour over after the hustle & bustle of the days activities though!

So many good books we can't wait to dive into, or at least I can't. Morgan's a little nervous about the workload facing him this year, but we just keep reminding him of how far he's come since his diagnosis. I think it's still easier for him to remember the struggles more then the triumphs. In the mean time we just keep encouraging him, & I think the lure of so many wonderful books will only help our cause here.

Of course, he got pretty excited with one of the books on the bottom of the box which is a new music book for his recorder. He put in a request for some rather specific music & upon a quick search, that was totally unrelated to his request, I found there actually was a book that would fit his beginner skills! So between that & my mentioning reading a few of the books in the package & the main story line he's pretty excited to dig in!

Jayden took a little more coaxing. He saved up a few weeks worth of pocket money to purchase a Playmobil firetruck. It just so happened to be on sale & he was able to purchase it! When the parcel arrived he was so sure it would be his, & the constant reminder that it was addressed to me & not himself did little to convince him until we finally opened the box & to his horror there were school books inside & not the shiny red firetruck that can shoot water he was expecting. I think the blow would have been a little easier to handle had a package the day before been addressed to him, or perhaps the two that arrived over the next couple of days been his, but alas.. as I write this he's still waiting, all though I suspect by the time you read it he'll finally have his beloved truck!

I reminded him that his school was mainly zoology this year, per his request & it excited him enough to finally stop ignoring the package & come inspect his books. His long awaited cookbook was in the parcel too so he was pretty keen to look through that, all though he was equally convinced it was most likely a baby cookbook. He's one tough cookie to please somedays!

I, on the other hand, lost total track of time until Mr S told me, while half asleep, that we really should have been in bed hours ago because he had to go to work in the morning while the boys & I set off to set up camp. The book on top, Life Skills For Kids, isn't exactly what we'd thought it was. We're debating returning it, to be honest, because we honestly don't need a book to inform us we need to teach our children how to cook & clean. I suspect I confused the synopsis of one book with the title of another. Don'tcha just hate it when you do that?!

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Edwena said...

Would love to hear what you think of the Life Skills book by Christine Fields. It's on my list and not sure whether to buy it.