Friday, February 1, 2013

Book Club Update

The boys have had an absolute blast with the book club, which is a good thing. We were discussing it this past weekend & how we'd revamp it for next year. The boys started out counting minutes, but when I tallied up what they'd kept track of they were incredibly short of their lofty goals. That was a huge disappointment for them & I pointed out that it was because they'd stopped reading during the day & had taken to doing other things. This wasn't bad, but what they'd done at the start had been my original goal.

After a few minutes of silence Morgan ran & came out with a list of books he had read, which was incredibly close to his goal & impressed Mr S & I. We were impressed that he'd not only attended to his goals, but also managed to keep track of his work. For Morgan that's huge, not because he's lazy but because the poor child has the incredibly habit of losing things seconds after touching them. They are often hidden away in his pockets, but it still takes hours for him to find them.

Then he pointed out that while he'd not reached the minutes goal or the books goal he had surpassed the pages goal for the Grand Prize! Talk about swept off our feet. This is the same child who couldn't read more then a picture book without eye pain & other issues months ago! He's all most done with his current read which is well over 200 pages, an incredibly amazing feat for our boy, & one we didn't hesitate to gush over. I'm not sure he quite knew what to do with himself, but I loved that he ended the conversation with, "I guess the glasses are good for me!"

Jayden's goals are harder to judge, he didn't keep track at all. He started a WW2 book & kept us up to date daily on the happenings, that in itself was amazing! This child can read, but he reads too fast & has little comprehension because of it. His daily narration, of his own accord, were wonderful because it showed us that he was taking his time to actually enjoy the story. The book, however, went missing & after many tears about not starting another book until that was found he did actually start another. We picked up yet another WW2 book for kids in the city last time we were there & Jayde spent the hour trip home reading away. He wasn't as detailed about the wonders & awesomeness of the book, all though he assured us it was wonderful. Things tapered off around Christmas & he started reading the Alvin York his Gram gave him for Christmas. He wouldn't tell us anything, not one word, of what was going on in the book.

That always concerns me, does it concern you as a parent? It doesn't concern me that he doesn't want to share about his story, but it concerns me that he uses words like, "can't" because I wonder, again, if his comprehension is where it should be. I do understand he's not a "teller" like Morgan is, which is all right, but in the past even when we've asked direct questions related to the book he can't come up with an answer. He now has three books started, but not finished. That's okay too. He still prefers the comfort of picture books & it's a great jumping off place for him in regards to readers for the coming school year.

You'll have to excuse the lack of photos here. My computer had an accident involving a child, water, a mini tantrum, & a whole lot of running & screaming. That last two were me as I jumped a mile to save school books, computer, iphone, ipad, & other nonsense from the 1inch of water resting on the table. Mr S & I are now sharing Mr S's fancy {& somewhat ackward to use} MacBook Pro. So for now, you'll have to deal with a small post that is pictureless..