Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Australia Day 2013

I'm a bit late, but we really did enjoy a nice Australia Day. Jayden delighted to discover a Steve Irwin show the night before, we miss his shows & enthusiasm for what he did. This particular show was about an island involved in WWII & was, in typical form, excellently done. Irwin was incredibly passionate about what he was telling, showing, & seeing. It was equally nice to see some of the things we'd learned & read about for school last year in a more upclose & personal way.

Australia day was spent playing games with family, cooking out, & plenty of cricket from Jayden. We skipped the annual pavlova & made pavlova cookies, which is to say that instead of one giant one we made little ones. I thought I had a picture somewhere, but it eludes me at the moment. Truth be told, they were suppose to be simple meringue cookies because Jayden prefers those over pavlova & we often have a sugary pavlova & something non-sugary on hand.

However, I got caught up watching a movie with Nana & Mr S the night before & thought I'd cooked the biscuits long enough only to discover they were more pavlova-like then meringue like. There were no complaints though as the platter was empty by bedtime.

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