Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2013 Week In Review {Week 3}

I can't believe we're nearly through with week 4 & I'm only getting week 3 up. Such is the way of life when things are crazy. Something about swim lessons, meetings, swim practice, school, cleaning house, crazy weather, broken computers, & everything in between that have kept us busy.

Still, we love looking back over all the things we've accomplished, especially when we feel frazzled & wonder if we really did accomplish anything.

This was another crazy full week for us, especially Morgan who's knew school load has been phenomenally heavy for the first two weeks back. His course has him spending the first six weeks in China, but his first 2 weeks have all the research & history learning happening. I didn't pay close enough attention to that when I was reviewing things or we would have spread it out a little more. It certainly hasn't been boring though & we've learned a great deal. We're looking forward to a slower pace ahead though!

How do you do your math? This is pretty normal around here, at least on video lesson day. It was review to boot so he just decided to kick back & have himself a little rest. Both boys are still only in the review portions of their books. Depending on how quickly we move out of that we may take the end of unit tests until we get to where we need to stop. Morgan was horrified he couldn't move past his unit unless he knew his 1 & 2 division facts by heart. Once he calmed down I quizzed him & he had them down pat. It only made the math class that much more giggly. We'll see if the giggles stick around once we move out of the reviews.

Jayden's enjoying his new writing curriculum. No, seriously he is. Morgan hasn't had as much of a chance to dig into it with his heavy load of other things, which was slightly disappointing  but with the easing of that happening soon he'll be able to break into it. He's really excited about that, he has great desires to learn to write & write well. As for Jayden, it may be the first writing anything we've ever used with him where he hasn't complained. It still takes a little prodding to get those oral narrations out of him, but I think before the end of Term 1 he'll be doing terrific.

Jayden made Shepherd's pie, Morgan was ecstatic, on Tuesday night for dinner. It was to go with his FIAR book from the week before, thus the little stars in the mashed potatoes. We ended up watching a "chick flick" with it because Mr S had been quoting a line from it & wanted to know if I owned the film.

Tuesday night after a rough swim practice in the wildest waves ever, & they had to practice floating!, Morgan came home & had a quick geography lesson. He loves it & was delighted with it. The idea was to find key spots on the map by using their latitude & longitude numbers. His only disappointment was that there wasn't more to practice with. I have to say, I saved this project for Mr S because our fancy pants new globe doesn't have the numbers on every section like the globe I grew up with! Of course once Mr S explained it I felt like a dork, but hey it happens, right?

Morgan's science this year is all based on the body. We use a variety of books as they are schedule in Sonlight Science F. So far we're really enjoying it. This was suppose to be a Cell Mobile from the same Scholastic book I mentioned last week. We decided to turn it into a notebooking page. It was a tad more advanced then the cell information he's learned thus far, but he had fun working on it!

Thursday we participated in our Home Ed group's swap. We all brought items we no longer wanted & set them up for others to pillage through. It was done in a much more orderly fashion then normal pillaging & I was delighted to come home with a new pyrex bowl, one of mine was recently busted, & a new glass casserole pan with lid. I also snagged a toaster for our new trailer tent & some cutlery to go out there too. Win-Win. The boys picked up a few things too & then after an afternoon of play & chattering we headed out to pick up my computer & hit swim lessons. We were running early so I ran into the local IGA to pick up milk, which they informed me we needed. My niece wanted to know if the boys could FaceTime with her on my phone, but it didn't work. So Morgan kept taking random photos to send to her until we arrived at swim lessons. Of course he'd take a picture of the candy display in the store, pity it's so blurry it really was an amazing display!

Morgan & I wrapped up two books on China. What a life Hudson Taylor lived! Lu Lun was an interesting read too. It's about a young boy who is terrified of water & his father feels shame when Li Lun refuses to join the men to go fishing. His father banishes him to climb to the top of the mountain with 3 grains of rice & return with double that. The biggest problem with this book was all the Chinese names & no pronunciation guide!

We finally started our Australian History studies too. We're not using a curriculum this is all something I've put together myself for the kids. We started with My Father's Islands which was available at our local bookshop. We picked it up when they were moving from their "back corner type shop" to smack in the middle of town discount sale. It's a really good book thus far all about the adventures of Able Tasman and told by his daughter. What's written in there happens to be taken from their actual journals! While I was reading one day the boys coloured pictures of Abel Tasman for their timeline notebooks.

Jayden enjoyed a bit of fun with The Duchess Bakes A Cake, always a fun favourite in our home. Morgan & I have been running around all week singing, "Lovely light luscious delectable cake" much to Jayden's consternation. Poor kid. Each time we read this book I want to make 3 cakes, one with each form of rising agent. However, man oh man have we had a heat streak! 39 it topped out at one day. Summer's last hurrah in Tassie is always hot.

Instead, we waited until Tuesday of Week 4 to make his cake to go with the book. It was raining & reasonably cool so having the oven on wasn't an issue. We chose to only make one & we pulled a recipe from a US Cookbook called The Unitest States Cookbook. It has recipes from each state, while the book didn't take place in the US they had an "old election cake" for Maine I think it was. It uses yeast & lots of berries in the cake as well as spices just like in our story. I did have a small piece despite the wheat & eggs in the cake. No one raved about it, but no one complained when offered some for snack the following day either! It made me think of raisin bread to be honest. I found a recipe for a yeasted chocolate cake which I'm determined to try out when the weather cools to see if it has a bread like feel/taste to it as well or not.

Jayden also plucked away with his Winter Promise Animal Worlds Core. It's really a fun core, but we've moved very slowly so far. Between the crazy weather & helping Morgan balance his workload we've not progressed as far through it as we should have, but all in due time! He loved learning about porcupines this week. Did you know there's more then one kind? True story. We watched some short videos on YouTube to see a N. American porcupine & a S. American porcupine. We didn't look for the African one yet, but we need to!

And that, my friends, is what our planner looks like on a semi-light week of studies! Blue is Jayden, Green is Morgan, Red is all of us. Black are notes for me. Seriously busy around here. We had a light Friday because we were just that worn out & needed down time. Our first three days are always the fullest. At this point we've yet to have book learning on Thursdays due to our group's outings, & it can be harder to bring ourselves back to it on Friday except to wrap up various outstanding projects. Funny thing is, I think that picture might be from week 4, not week 3. It's pretty typical of our week though.


Resting In The Wildflowers said...

It looks a lot like our planner and our writing even looks similar. I'm so glad we decided to to homeschool in 4-5 week segments as it gives us all a freshen up break and a chance to plan and try things out. I love planning and organising especially when it all comes together. Thanks for sharing, it's always a pleasure to visit. Blessings

Dawn said...

Awesome lessons. What great stuff you all are up to.
Blessings, Dawn

Phyllis said...

We are reading Li Lun this week, too!

Mel said...

Hello. Yes I love this post.
I won't be on facebook anymore....due to a very bad experience...but I will be blogging. Looking foward to reading you :)

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your planner from?I need a weekly one.I have 4 kids but only 3 are being HS at the moment,one is still young enough not to need to be registered but she joins in and has her own work.I need a BIG PLANNER!